Slovenian software developer of information systems for health care, food sector companies, employment services and higher education is looking for partners for commercial agency or outsourcing agreement

Slovenian company is experienced developer of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) information systems to support activities in primary health care, food sector, employment services and higher education. Information systems are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Company is looking for partners for commercial agency agreement to represent them on foreign markets or to develop for them information system under outsourcing agreement.
Slovenian company was founded in 1989 as a developer of software solutions for health care organisations, but since then their development focused also on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) information systems for companies (especially food sector), employment services, higher educational institutions and other software solutions, made for specific clients. In the development team are experts on the fields of informatics and computer science. They provide strategic planning and analysis of information systems, support and assist the process of software development, along with its implementation and maintenance, educating and consulting … Their main software solutions are: 1. Information system for public and private health care organisations with options of telemedicine. Modules provide safe and efficient exchange of information within each health institution and in the health system to provide as seamless procedure for patients and employees in health care organisations as possible. Additionally, they enable users to manage lists of patients with waiting queues, while latest upgrades allow scheduling appointments with the doctors, arranging sick leave, documents for specialists and prescriptions in electronic form. Modules are designed to support storage of medical reports and other documentation and to provide assistance for prevention medical activities on the primary health care level, occupational medicine, patronage (mobile) and other crucial tasks on the field of health and medicine. The system is integrated with other health information systems on the national level. It also allows virtual video and/or audio meetings between a doctor and a patient, where during the conversation doctor can check the electronic documentation of the patient (medical history) and perform other tasks. 2. Information system for food sector, agriculture cooperatives and public institutions covers business processes in small, medium-sized and other companies. It enables comprehensive food origin tracing. Modules are designed for activities like sale, logistics, transport, production, finance, accounting, human resources, e-commerce, analytics and other relevant segments in a company. Information system is in a compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), while it also allows audit trail and option to automate processes with implemented controls and notifications for users. Integrability is enabled for MS Office. Overall, the information system is easy to use, allows adjustability to different requirements, allows transparency, it can be used on mobile devices and is regularly updated with new functionalities. 3. Information system for employment services incorporates the support for the process of vocational rehabilitation, disability identification, personal employment restrictions, keeping official records and reporting. Unemployed persons can actively identify their competencies, plan their career and look for a job. Another service offered is the issuance of consents for the employment of foreigners in the procedures for obtaining uniform residence and work permits. All these solutions are characterized by high connectivity with other public administration systems. 4. Information system for higher educational organisations (universities, faculties) for administration, students and professors supports lectures and provides complete overview and management of study process and programmes, notifications, different student application, enrolment procedures, analytics, etc. Slovenian company is interested to provide their solutions on international markets and is looking for partners to act as agents on foreign markets to market their solutions under commercial agency agreement. Other option is development for foreign partners in the frame of outsourcing agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Slovenian company is looking for partners under: 1. Commercial agency agreement, where foreign partner will act as a representative of the Slovenian company on their respective markets, promote information systems, provide information and specifications of necessary adjustments, required to align information system to demands on these markets, educate and support users. Slovenian company will deliver information system with agreed functionalities and maintain it. Partner should have preferably already established network of clients and experience with information systems. 2. Outsourcing agreement for development of information system for foreign companies according to specifications by the partner, who will provide information about all specific conditions, that need to be taken into the account.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
Comments Regarding Stage of Development: 
The information systems are constantly developed due to new requirements from clients, legislation and new available technologies, for instance mobile technologies. They are already available on the market and used in many organisations in Slovenia. Lately Slovenian company is developing new functionalities for telemedicine and they are available for demonstration.
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