Smart Graph portal for quick and easy data visualisations and communication

A Dutch SME has developed a platform to visualize data for analytics and communication. This interactive dashboard is offered for licensing and can be integrated into other products. It can be installed or used in the cloud and offers everyone the possibility to make their own interactives without the need for programming skills. Cooperation is offered in the frame of licensing, commercial agreement with technical assistance or technical cooperation.
Every company holds a huge amount of data with a lot of useful and valuable information like telephone traffic, financial data, sales reports, website visitors, e-commerce, Internet of Things (IoT), data from machine, cars and sensors. This Dutch SME offers a userfriendly solution for companies to gain insights regarding working methods, sales and customers. It converts figures and other data into images and allows to see at a glance results, trends and connections and thereby optimize business operations. The company was founded in 2012 as a consultancy firm. In 2017 it transformed to a development company of software tooling to manage data because the tooling available on the market did not meet the company's standards for direct response, intuition, and safety. The SME developed an independent European interactive dashboard available as a SaaS solutions and as a portal version. In this user-friendly tool anyone can make their own interactive dashboard without programming knowledge. To visualize data a view is made without touching the data of the organisation, so the data is guaranteed to remain safe. The dashboard tool can be installed on the users system or cloud, no data is accessible from outside but the dashboard graphs and interactives can be viewed by persons within or outside the organisation. Of course it is also possible to integrate dashboard into other websites or apps. The tool is set-up for a customer within 10 working days. This allows companies to quickly view and analyze the data of their organisation. After an initial period to try out and test the dashboard, additional wishes or preferences can be added. The tool is able to connect with all relational databases and can be linked together with others. Data is constantly growing and therefore the tool will further develop. For example, the tool uses open standards that are supported by all major browsers and new techniques are developed such as trends and scenarios. Production processes, traffic flows, telephone traffic, weather reports, buying behaviour, e-commerce and other processes can produce a large amount of data: big data. With the right tool, patterns in big data can be identified, which can help to show a glimpse of the future. The Dutch company can support its partners in their search for the possibilities of big data in their organisation. The dashboard is offered branded or as a white label. The Dutch SME is looking for cooperation partners in Europe that want to implement the dashboard tool in their organisation in this case a license agreement is offered. Resellers of the software are also of interest. Cooperation partners that lack data management expertise and need assistance in gaining insight in their (big) data using the dashboard tool are offered a commercial agreement with technical assistance. A technical cooperation agreement is envisaged in working together with software companies that offer databases and data management tooling that need expertise on dashboarding techniques.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Dutch SME offers commercial agreement with technical assistance to companies that want to implement the dashboard tool and need assistance in gaining insight in their (big) data. This can be any type of company in any sector provided they use a relational database for administration. License agreement is offered to companies that want to use the dashboard tool in their organisation. Either under the Dutch companies brand or as a white label product. Companies providing software to other companies/resellers of the software are also of interest. Technical cooperation agreement is offered for joint projects with software companies that offer databases and data management tools in need of expertise on combining dashboarding techniques and user-friendliness.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how
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