A Spanish canned fish producer from Galicia seeks for distribution and commercial agent agreements in the Euro zone

A Spanish company based in Galicia, in the fish and seafood sector, is in search of distributors and agents to commercialize its canned fish and seafood products in the Euro zone. The SME produces a wide variety of products and formats distributed through 2 channels: the HORECA channel, for professional's distribution; and supermarkets and food stores for public's consumption. Its origin and their 31 years of experience in the field guarantees a medium-high quality of the final product.
The SME, producer of canned fish and seafood products, started in 1989 as a family business in Galicia, Spain. The company processes more than 5000 tons of fish per year and commercializes three lines of canned products displayed in a variety of formats obtained from the galician estuaries and the Atlantic Ocean. They are the following: - Standard line of canned products: adapted to the general public’s budget, offering different formats and variations of canned tuna, sardines, mussels, octopus, squid, “chicharrillos” and needle fish. - Gourmet line of high selection products: exclusive fresh galician canned marinated mussels, Rianxo sardines, tuna ventresca, cockles, and scallops in vieira’s sauce; all covered in olive oil. - Specialized products for HORECA channel: tuna in sunflower oil, marinated tuna, Southern mackerel fillets in sunflower oil, and sardines in sunflower oil. All these products come in big formats (1000g, 1730g, 2150g, 3900g). These canned products are sterilized in the manufacturing process. Stored and marketed as dry food. The main channels through which they are commercialized are supermarkets and food stores, for family consumption; and through distributors, the HORECA channel. The company is looking for distribution and commercial agency agreements with companies or agents that have experience in the food sector and/or belong to the HORECA channel. The company wishes to establish long-term relationships with international distributors from the Euro zone to expand to new markets.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The distributor company or agent need to have experience in the food sector, and/or be part of the HORECA channel. Their main task will be to promote and commercialize the canned fish products to supermarkets, local food stores, and through the HORECA channel.
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Already on the market
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