Spanish company offering a device for voltage regulation that reduces energy consumption is looking for partners for distribution agreements.

The Spanish company develops innovative voltage regulators that reduce energy consumption by up to 12%, avoid power disruptions and extend equipment useful life. Its patented technology optimizes the incoming power supply. Every voltage regulator integrates sensors and communication capabilities that allow remote tracking of power quality and energy savings. The company looks for distribution or license agreements to reach industrial and commercial customers across Europe.
This is a Spanish company, specialized in research, development and manufacturing of solutions for control, improvement of energy efficiency and quality of electricity supply. Products can be used in areas such as telecommunications, information technology, electronics and electricity. The company was born to respond to a need: the growing integration of renewable energies at the customer side, together with the electrification of HVAC and transport, generate new challenges for the operation of the electric grid. The main problem is the fluctuation of voltage that lean towards the upper level of the legal range (230Vac ±10%), causing inefficiency and losses in electrical equipment which is designed to work efficiently at 220Vac. In addition to this, voltage fluctuations may also be on the lower level of the standard when there is a peak on demand, causing power disruption or equipment malfunction. To address the mentioned need to regulate the incoming power supply, the company designs and manufactures energy efficiency and power quality solutions for the industry and tertiary sectors. This business opportunity is focused on a power electronics module which, connected at the general switchboard of the customer installation, regulates continually the voltage to the minimum value required by the loads to work optimally. As a result, the performance of the loads is increased, power consumption reduced up to 12%, and interruptions avoided. The company has developed strong research and development capabilities in a highly technological and multidisciplinary environment, involving electrics, electronics, software and telecommunications. As a result, this innovative regulator incorporates two patented technologies. Each product is tailored to the end user needs, ranging from 50 kW to several MW. It is equipped with automatic and manual protections that guarantee power supply continuity. It has also a touchscreen for local configuration and status check, and a secure website from which all the parameters, alarms, historical data and savings can be monitored. For five years, the company has been marketing and installing its voltage regulation product under its own brand in energy intensive industries such as chemical, plastic or metal processing, as well as large buildings like hotels and university campuses in the Spanish market. Now, the company is looking for distribution partners that can also provide technical service in installation and support.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for distribution partners within the energy equipment and services sector with demonstrated experience in commercialization and installation. Partners must have capability to install the product and provide technical field service to the end user. Partners should have direct access to decision makers (technical directors, general management) of energy-intensive industries (metal, glass, plastic…) or tertiary buildings (commercial malls, university campuses, hospitals, etc.). The ideal partner should have an established clientele as well as a strong network and excellent knowledge of the national energy efficiency market and regulations. Partner should operate nationwide or in a greater region as he will receive exclusive rights to this market.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
Distribution of electrical equipment and/or energy services (building rehabilitation, industrial power quality improvement, etc.).
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
IPR Status: 
Secret Know-how,Patents granted
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