Spanish company specialized in industrial risk management and in renewable energy projects is looking for partners in Chile and Argentina to establish a joint venture, subcontracting or service agreement

The Spanish company has a large international experience in industrial risk management and carrying out renewable energy related turnkey projects. The company would like to find partners to implement this kind of projects in Chile and Argentina, and the partnership would take the form of a joint venture, subcontracting or service agreement.
Spanish company from Catalonia is a world leading company in industrial risk management, with a wide portfolio of services. The company has a recognized service of design, manufacture, assembly, commissioning and maintenance of meteorological stations. They are able to carry out turnkey projects intended for the measurement of wind and solar resources, as well as wind resource assessment studies and other related services such as wind turbine power performance tests, energy-efficiency and environmental consulting. With a large international experience, to date, more than 900 sites worldwide have been explored and assessed by the company, 150 of them are wind farm integrated meteorological masts. And particularly, the company has already carried out a solar measurement project in Chile, as well as wind measurements in Argentina. In this way, the company’s objective is to find business partners to consolidate and expand its trade activities in both Chile and Argentina, through different types of agreements. With a construction foregin company they would seek a subcontracting agreement, in order to carry out some tasks before, for exemple, the construction of a wind-powered power-plant. A joint-venture agreement would be required in case the market about to attack is considered strategic for the company or if a local construction company asks for their service, and a service agreement could be a good option if a subcontracting agreement is not possible, or if the partner company is a service company that can provide after-sales services
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is searching for partners or subcontractors, capable of collaborate in wind and solar energy measurements, energy-efficiency projects and environmental consulting. It is desirable that the partner has some of the following capabilities: - Import license - Financial solvency - Staff experienced in: works at height, civil works, electronics, engineering, remote communication systems. - Experience in supply and / or installation of meteorological or communication towers. - Supply of custom made metal supports. The company is interested in partners from Chile and Argentina to establish joint venture, subcontracting or service agreement.
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