Spanish outdoor footwear manufacturer looking for worldwide retail chains.

A Spanish family-owned company located in Mallorca is a manufacturer of a wide range of high quality, technical boots and shoes for mountain- and outdoor sports, leisure, hunting and professional use. They are looking for specialized dealers and/or importers, footwear retail stores & malls under a commercial agency or distribution services agreement.
Spanish family owned company founded in 1940 which manufacturers high quality, technical footwear for adventure-, outdoor, leisure activities and professional use. They have a wide catalog of products such as Mountaineering/Trekking (High mountain, Advanced Trekking, Hidroline), Outdoor/Leisure (Trekking Junior, Trail walking, Travel) Hunting, Maximum comfort orthopedic boots as well as footwear for professional use, such as army, police, forest guards, game-keepers etc. The aim of the company is to make boots with the highest quality and most advanced technology possible, combining their 80 years of experience in shoe-making with a constant technological development in materials and designs. It is a consolidated and recognized brand in Spain and the company also exports their products to Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Denmark among other countries. In order to increase their international business, the company is looking for potential footwear stores & malls in sales of outdoor sports, leisure, hunting and professional shoe wear plus strong local network of stores and other resellers with the objective of reaching a commercial agent or distribution agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Spanish company is mainly looking for specialized dealers retail chains and wholesalers (sports in general, mountain, outdoor, travel, hunting, military/police), leisure/adventure companies and similar. Public procurement for mountains or coastal rescue teams, military, police, forest guards and similar. They would like to reach a commercial agent or distribution agreement.
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Already on the market
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