Specialised scientific diagnostic system for assessing the effectiveness of operators in extreme conditions

A Bulgarian research institute, with over 40 years of experience in R&D of specialised technologies and products, has developed an innovative scientific device for assessing the effectiveness of operators performing activities in extreme conditions. The institute is looking to reach commercial agreements with technical assistance.
The institute is the leading unit in Bulgaria in the R&D field of aerospace technologies, solar-terrestrial and space physics (solar wind, magnetospheric and ionospheric physics, high and middle atmospheric physics, space weather), high-energy astrophysics, galactic cosmic rays, medico-biological studies related to space biotechnologies, heliobiology and telemedicine. The unit has vast experience in design, development and transfer of methods, instrumentation and technologies for remote sensing of the Earth, regional and global monitoring of the environment and security. They have successfully implemented collaborative project with national and international partners. Personnel, even being well-trained and highly-skilled, that has to perform activities in extreme / harsh conditions is exposed to serious risk in terms of performance, physical condition, psychological condition, interrelations and even survival. Effective assessment is needed in order to effectively determine the risks and the measures to be taken in that relation. The innovative specialised device is intended for assessing the capabilities of a person for coping with complex situations having extreme influence of the factors of the operative environment. During the examination process several things are assessed: - Situational vigilance (awareness) – perceptive activity; sustainability, spreadability, volume and selectivity of the attention, work memory, situation assessment - decision making - ability to cope with insufficient and contradictory information - adaptability to changes in the environment - ability to execute simultaneously running activities - stress management – flexibility, emotional stability, readiness for rejection and stressors management - the individual profile of the physiological reactions in stress management The research units is seeking commercial agreements with technical assistance with industrial partners in order to adapt the device to their specific needs and requirement providing know-how and expertise.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
- Type of partner sought: the institute is looking industrial and R&D companies; special purpose industries; - Specific area of activity of the partner: partner sought related to the medical, aero and aerospace sectors; companies having personnel in extreme / harsh working conditions; companies involved in medical technologies and medical research sector; - Task to be performed: commercial agreements with technical assistance in order to integrate the device in their own solutions / processes, receiving the necessary technical assistance from the developer.
Stage of Development: 
Available for demonstration
IPR Status: 
Secret Know-how
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