Supplies of raw materials for prefabricated wooden houses are requested by a Polish SME

A Polish company specialised in the manufacturing and distribution of prefabricated wooden houses is looking for suppliers of raw materials for its products. The firm is interested particularly in: spruce deck boards and joists, planed spruce timber and floorboards, shingles, wool roof insulation, and anti-rodent wire mesh. Cooperation in the form of supplier agreement is requested.
An SME from the northwestern part of Poland operates in the construction industry with a specialisation in prefabricated houses. It produces and distributes ready-to-assemble wooden summer houses, garden houses, toolsheds as well as greenhouses and terrace roofing. The firm has storage facilities, where it always keeps at least 150 houses ready for dispatch, and own construction that can put them together, if requested by customers. They've worked with international partners and have an extensive network of contacts throughout Europe, in countries such as Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia. The company is looking for new suppliers of raw materials for its products, so it can diversify sources, increase production and keep up with the growing demand. Partners will be expected to provide: - impregnated spruce deck boards and joists, - AB-class and C-class planed spruce timber, - AB-class spruce floorboards, - bitumen felt shingles, - wool for thermal insulation of residential buildings, - anti-rodent welded galvanized wire mesh, of quality specified by the company (more in 'Technical Specification or Expertise Sought'). Other details of the partnership (price, quantity, deliveries etc.) will be negotiated by the parties.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
- Type of Partner Sought: companies from the wood industry and manufacturers of construction materials. - Role of Partner Sought: A partner is expected to supply raw materials according to the technical specification and agreed-upon terms.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
The firm is looking for experienced, financially stable and reliable manufacturers or suppliers of: - impregnated spruce deck boards - dimensions: 20/120/5700mm - impregnated spruce joist - dimensions: 45/70/5700 mm - AB-class planed spruce timber - dimensions: 12/121/6000mm - C-class planed spruce timber - dimensions: 12/121/6000mm - AB-class spruce floorboards - dimensions: 18/98/6000mm - bitumen felt shingles (cold/contact welding) - 100mm-thick wool for thermal insulation of residential buildings - anti-rodent galvanized welded wire mesh 1.5m, mesh size: 13/13
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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