A sustainable Nordic fashion brand is looking for retailers for distribution partners in the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands and Italy.

A Finnish SME owning a Nordic fashion brand creates modern accessories such as bags and hats for urban nomads to carry their valuables. The accessories are made of cutting surplus from diving suit production and other upcycled materials in Finland. The company is seeking retailers to act as distributors in the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands and Italy for selective retail.
A Finnish SME was founded in 2019 by four female entrepreneurs. The company creates urban style, unisex accessories from innovative sustainable materials. It was awarded as the best Finnish higher education born startup and was nominated by the EIT RawMaterials Circular Economy Award. The company's product range includes accessories such as hats and bags for carrying valuables and they sell them under company's own brand. All fabrics are from cutting surplus from diving suit production and other upcycled materials. Each product includes a near-field communication (NFC) chip to provide care instructions and information about value chain and sustainability. The design of the brand is inspired by 70's futuristic vibes, urban landscape and looking forward to the future. The high-performing materials and angular shapes give a contemporary luxe feel to the product portfolio. The accessories are created to complement and accentuate their customers wardrobes by not adhering to trends. For the company, the word 'modern' stands for sustainability. The vision is to develop the most sustainable practices to produce ready-to-wear fashion in order to create a future for better fashion consumerism. The products are already for sale in company's own web store but new distribution channels will be built to generate growth in new market areas. The SME is looking for distributors (distribution services agreement) in order to expand to new markets. The distributors should share the same vision of sustainable street style and urban nomad lifestyle and match the price range of the company. The products are premium category, priced between 100–500€. The company is interested especially in the markets in the UK, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden but other countries can be considered as well.
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The company is looking for retailers to act as distributors in their target market areas. An ideal distributor shares the same vision of sustainable street style, and urban nomad lifestyle. In addition, it matches the price range of the company (between 100-500 €). The distributors can be web shops and/or brick and mortar stores.
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Already on the market
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