Swiss-based industrial company, with an integrated supplier network in the Baltic States and metal processing capabilities, is looking for European partners for manufacturing, subcontracting and outsourcing agreements

A Swiss company focuses on energy trading & logistics. Since 2021 a new metalworking division has been added, combining its sister company’s production capabilities in Latvia with a network of select manufacturers in the Baltic States and is now in search of new, stable partnerships for manufacturing, subcontracting and outsourcing agrements. The SME offers 4 core competencies: computer numerical control (CNC) machining, sheet metal processing, welding and metal structures manufacturing.
The Swiss company started as a logistics and energy trading, and recently established a new unit for metalworking. This new unit has its administrative centre in Switzerland and a production site in Latvia. The company promotes and helps developing, cost-efficient manufacturers in the Baltic States connect to the innovation of customers all over Europe. The majority of the customers come from automotive, shipbuilding, energy, machine-building & construction equipment industries. The company is dedicated to optimising its customers’ systems, simultaneously allowing them to focus on their primary business function and directing their expenses accordingly. Customers and their purchasing departments benefit from multi-quote offers, which match their technical specifications to the most suitable supplier in the network. This forms the basis for the company’s value-added solutions – respecting customers’ time and boosting accessibility to cost-effective and quality products at speed and at scale. The company’s access to multiple suppliers and efficient manufacturing operations management maximises productivity and creates resilience both locally and globally. The company’s strategic location on the shores of the Baltic Sea offers convenient sea routes to a number of Scandinavian and German seaports. It also has an easy access to the European motorway, with links to other Western and Central European countries. Core Technical Capabilities: The company has 11 computer numerical control (CNC) multi-axial machine centres, capable of processing complex geometries and diverse material types, including stainless steel, steel alloys, non-ferrous metal alloys, super alloys and polymers. Together with a select network of suppliers, the company primarily specialises in precision machining and sheet metal processes. The company’s CNC milling capabilities come up to 6700x3650x2200mm max part dimensions. CNC turning capabilities are lengths of 3-5000mm and a diameter range of 4-2000mm. Batch sizes for turning and milling products range from prototype samples to high volume series to larger blanket orders. Sheet metalworking encompasses mechanical stamping & forming processes, as well as various cutting procedures. These are made according to customers’ technical drawings, 3D models and any other individual requirements. CNC parts production is the company’s principal know-how, but welding, assembly and large steel construction services also contribute to the company’s overall industrial expertise. The company aims to further its engineering experience by undertaking more engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) projects. In addition to these developments the company seeks new opportunities for metal parts fabrication in the European market, especially in Germany, Austria, France, Sweden and Finland. The company is set on manufacturing, outsourcing, or subcontracting types of agreement. For manufacturing and subcontracting the company offers its versatile fabrication and processing solutions – from inquiry to quick request for quotation (RFQ) offer to order fulfilment under 7 days for CNC parts. Large-scale projects are offered on the basis of an outsourcing agreement, where cost-cutting measures are of great importance.
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The company has an extensive presence within the Baltic Sea Region and seeks to expand further into Western and Northern Europe. It offers a comprehensive portfolio of production processes and aims to become a value-added partner to manifold industrial solutions. Target partners are companies that may be found amongst machinery or vehicle manufacturers, shipbuilding, energy, electronics and other industrial producers. Significant recognition is given toward partners in precise technologies such as aerospace and medical equipment manufacturers. Precision mechanical components or tools, and processing services are offered to partners interested in the long-term cooperation. These are proposed under the manufacturing or subcontracting agreement. The Swiss company also offers its versatile services under the outsourcing agreement to partners who carry out more complex, turnkey projects and require a cost-effective allocation of resources for a successful project completion.
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