Swiss company offers services to organise independent medical second opinions for companies and is seeking partners to conclude commercial agency agreements in Germany

Swiss company active in services in the healthcare sector, supports companies and their employees in making the right medical decision through second opinion services. The company is looking for partners to conclude commercial agent agreements in Germany. Other types of agreement may be considered.
Mainly active in the Netherlands and with 22 years of experience, the company with headquarters in Switzerland offers a second opinion service which is fully digital and is delivered by a network of 250 independent medical experts. A second opinion prevents misdiagnoses and unnecessary treatments. The company's core market is in the Netherlands, where 7 million people have access to the second opinions services. The company is the only European company to offer this kind of healthcare service. The first beneficiaries of this second opinion service are the employers. Indeed, the Swiss company's service allows to reduce absenteeism within companies, by contributing to reduce sickness absence. The target for this new service are companies up to 1000 employees. The service also includes an “Ask” module: apart from the actual second opinion, this service is always open for general medical questions, questions about medication, support before/after consultation and questions about ongoing treatment. How the second opinion service works: Step 1: Gathering all the information. A secure digital questionnaire gives a better understanding of the personal situation, questions and concerns. The company discreetly – with patient's permission – requests the complete medical file. Step 2: Selecting the right medical expert. From its network, the company selects the most suitable medical expert to assess the situation. Step 3: Patients receive the second opinion report within 10 days. The company strongly advises the patient to discuss the report with their own doctor. The company is looking for a commercial agent who will find German SMEs interested in offering this service to their employees.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Swiss company is looking for a German commercial agents company. The partner does not necessarily need a medical background. An economic background, experience in human resource, finance or insurance would be beneficial to close deals with Human Resource Managers, Chief Financial Officers or Chief Executive Officers in companies from 50-1000 employees. The partner will be trained, supported and be a part of an international brand that makes a difference in the daily life of patients. Skills: - Proven successful sales track record - Ability to talk at C-level. - Open to be trained and to be supported by our international sales coach. -Ability to open doors of relevant stakeholders.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how,Design Rights,Trade Marks,Copyright
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