Swiss healthcare company active in fall prevention in nursing homes, hospitals and psychiatric institutions is looking for distributors

The Swiss company is combining 3D radar sensor-based technology, artificial intelligence, device and phone application to help monitor patients and prevent falls in medical institutions. The company focuses on user friendliness for the caregivers and its performance compared to market-leaders. They are looking for distributors in Europe especially in Scandinavia, Benelux, Germany, Austria and France.
The company was founded in 2019 to fulfil a market need and was developed in collaboration with a Swiss University Geriatric Hospital. The goal is to prevent falls by monitoring the mobility of patients. In addition, the movement data obtained provide a data basis to make medical decisions. The company's product is fully aimed at patient care. The sensor technology detects the finest movements in the room and allows to recognize whether a patient/resident is lying, sitting, standing up, has fallen, etc. The associated mobile application is the end-user device with which the nursing staff defines the level of monitoring of a patient / resident and receives the alarms of the system. The system provides targeted recommendations for action and alerts when help is needed: • Bed exit • Fall • Activity and restlessness • No bed return • Presence • Stand-up and leaving This all without violating the privacy of patients and staff as it doesn’t use microphones or cameras ensuring a 100% privacy. Currently, the Swiss healthcare market is successfully addressed. Customers are either acquired directly or approached via partners and agents. Sensors are sold and healthcare institutions obtain patient monitoring as "software-as-a-service". This means that the sensor technology is permanently installed in the room, and the institution can individually activate or deactivate monitoring. Accordingly, costs are only incurred when the monitoring is active. In the coming years, the company plans to enter the market in Europe with a focus on Scandinavia, Benelux, Germany, Austria and France. For this purpose, partners are sought who, on the one hand, already have a network in the healthcare sector (acute hospitals, psychiatric clinics, long-term care) and, on the other hand, have sufficient technical expertise to be a representative. The company is looking for an integrator relationship with a partner abroad who is taking care of all project and customer responsibilities (acquisition, project management, after sales and technical support), in the frame of a distributor agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The partner should be an industry company with a broad network in the healthcare and long-term care sector. The Swiss company is looking for a local integrator who wants to add an innovative product and partner to his portfolio.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
IPR Status: 
Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted
Comments Regarding IPR Status: 
Patent applied for Europe, USA & Canada, Australia
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