Swiss manufacturer for sustainable and economical soil enhancers and plant strengtheners products is looking for distribution partners in technology for agriculture

A Swiss SME develops and manufactures sustainable and economical products for soil and plant treatment. All products are manufactured in Switzerland under certified quality standards. Customers benefit from long-term cost-efficient, yield-increasing solutions for a future-oriented and healthy agriculture. The company is looking for new distribution partners.
The products of the Swiss, family-owned company optimize and activate existing resources to ensure that the problem is tackled at its root, rather than just solving an individual symptom. The products work in conjunction with nature and improve the quality and yield of the harvest cost-efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner. The company has developed a technology that makes it possible to transfer selected active frequencies and properties to other carrier materials. The product system is successfully used in various fields of agriculture worldwide. In times where the agricultural sector must comply with increasingly strict regulations concerning ecology, these technology and products present a sustainable solution . The technology is based on physical mode of action rather than classical application with chemical additives. The technology is able to transfer selected frequencies and characteristics to so-called carrier materials. The carrier materials are either liquid (sugar beet molasses) or solid (stone meal). The specific carrier material allows the frequencies to be stored. Once applied in the field, the stored frequencies impacts the surrounding. The surrounding (mycorrhiza, bacteria, beneficial fungus, plant etc.) reacts to the frequencies, which increase & optimize their work in the soil or improve the growth and stress resistance for a plant. The technology was tested in over 30 countries under different conditions (weather, climate, soil & crop quality etc.) and show great results in all areas. Currently two products are ready for market. One for active and fertile soil and one for vital and productive plants. The products can be used in combination with other agents such as fertilizers and crop protection products. A further advantage of the technology and products is that other agents can be reduced (e.g. fertilizer). The field of application is not limited by soil types or crops, it can be used in any condition. The company is looking for an exclusive distribution partner who will add the soil and plant products to his portfolio. The distributor must be working in the agriculture industry and have a strong regional and national distribution network. Furthermore, the distributor should represent a future-oriented technology and should possess and share a sustainable thinking. The company will support with webinars, presentations, visits, documents, results, marketing support and give access to their online platform. The distributor will be mainly independent in its selling strategy.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Distribution of agricultural products. Well-connected in the agriculture market and open for innovative solutions. The tasks to be performed by the partner: Distribute, represent and offer products on external markets. • Get to know and be able to introduce the technology and company • Set up trials and tests together • Implement the results obtained for successful marketing to introduce the products. Simultaneous support in staff training Preferred countries: Denmark, United Kingdom, Sweden, Czech Republic, Romania and Croatia.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how
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