Swiss market leader for reusable packaging (platform and product) in the food takeaway industry seeks franchisees in the EU

A Swiss company offering a platform for reusable packaging in the food takeaway industry is expanding to European countries with a franchising model. The franchise partners will have exclusivity in their country and benefit from the extensive experience of the franchisor. At the same time, the proposed franchise model offers room for local adaptation of the system and the business model.
The Swiss company has developed a range of reusable and recyclable products that fulfil the highest standards in reusable packaging and has successfully built a network of over 1700 partners in Switzerland and Germany – offering their partners (restaurants and actors of the food takeaway industry) attractive cost and resource-saving opportunities. This wide network, combined with the analogue and digital (app based) deposit-system, allows consumers to obtain and return products at every partner location in Europe. The company has developed an NFC (near field communication) based application to digitalize the deposit-system. This allows the customer a frictionless handling of their deposit and simplifies the search for nearby partner locations via the map function. The benefit for partners, asides from increased revenue from exposure via the app, are a built-in loyalty points program and the possibility to manage their deposit-system without the need for scanners or other technical devices. From the customer perspective, customers choosing take-away can opt for the company’s innovative, re-usable packaging instead of a single use materials. Costs are in the form of a fixed deposit fee and containers can be returned to any participating business to get the deposit back. The franchising partner would have to create their own network of businesses in the take-away industry, while benefitting from the experience of the mother company and the first franchising network created in Germany. Franchising partners will also be provided with the company’s recyclable packaging and app system. The company is the European market-leading provider of reusable packaging in a closed-loop system. The company values self-responsibility and pioneer spirit and is looking for partners seeking to protect the environment and promote sustainability.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
As a value-based and vision-led company, the company is looking for partners in Europe who want to work to make this reusable system the new industry standard. They wish for close cooperation and sharing of success and know-how. Partners will receive the exclusive right to implement the reusable packaging solution in their country. The franchisor supports the franchisee in the development and operation of the concept and offers, innovative products in the field of reusable packaging, through constant product development • Exclusive franchise partnership to implement and operate the system in the country. • Exclusive right to buy and sell all the company’s products at special conditions in the country. • Business-relevant know-how, information and documents. • Communication material and corporate design. • Support from the international team. • Possibility to produce the reusable packaging in the destination country.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
- The partner must be an LLC company (but there are no limits on size). - The partners must have the capacity to develop their own sales and logistics channels. - Partners with a good understanding and pre-existing network in the gastronomy and food and drinks industry are preferred.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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Design Rights,Exclusive Rights,Copyright
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