Taiwanese company specialising in food trade seeks cuisine soy cream suppliers from Europe under a distribution service agreement or a commercial agency agreement

A Taiwanese company specialises in exquisite fine cuisine and pastry trading. The company would like to identify new European business partners who can provide cuisine soy cream to add its company’s categories and serve both existing and potential customers. The product will be primarily made of soybean, and will be vegetarian friendly, dairy and gluten free. The cooperation is to be based on a distribution service agreement or a commercial agency agreement.
The Taiwanese company imports all kind of European food and distributes them throughout Taiwan. It has covered both online and retail stores for the past ten years. The company’s main product categories include dairy, culinary, groceries, seasonings, beverages, and frozen snacks. Its top import sources by far are France, Italy, Spain, and Belgium. The company now looks for a new partner who can supply cuisine soy cream from Europe. The product must comply with the following to meet the company’s customer segments. 1. Soybean made 2. Plant-based, vegetarian friendly 3. Gluten-free, lactose- free, and cow’s milk protein-free 4. for cooking purpose e.g. soup, sauce, dessert, etc. The cuisine soy cream should preferably come in different flavours or/ and different functions, for example, lighter or heavier textures and flavours for use in different dishes. The objective is to maximise customers’ cooking enjoyment. The cuisine soy cream will be sold via the company’s retail stores and partnering channels throughout Taiwan. Cooperation will be based on a distribution service agreement or a commercial agency agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Partnership will be based on a distribution agreement or a commercial agency agreement. The preferred type of partner is a cuisine soy cream manufacturer from a European country. A stable supply of the product and a long-term partnership is preferred.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
The product information shall be clear and well provided by the product supplier. Current certificates or any related authorisations must also be given to the company. Moreover, supports from the product supplier will be required during the FDA applications- the necessary process before importing food products to Taiwan.
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