A Taiwanese company, which develops a type of medical textile, is looking for partners worldwide under commercial agency, distribution or manufacturing agreement

A Taiwanese company has developed a medical textile that is made from lyocell and zinc oxide. It can strengthen the immune system, prevent and cure skin diseases caused by microorganisms. A lab test shows it retains its efficacy after 500 times washing. It was granted several certifications, including that from Germany and the EU in October, 2016. According to client's need, the company can offer its product under a commercial agency, distribution services or manufacturing agreement.
A Taiwanese company has developed a medical textile that features a combination of lyocell and zinc oxide. In October 2016, the product earned certifications from Germany and the EU. Tests confirm that the textile can kill dust mites and molds by skin contact, including 99.96% of Trichophyton, 95.7% of Candida albicans and 99.9% of Staphylococcus aureus. Zinc oxide has the deodorizing, disinfectant, sunscreen and anti-oxidation qualities. It is a common ingredient used in curing skin diseases, cosmetics, sunscreen products, dermatological drugs and daily necessities. The raw material lyocell is a tree fiber that is eco-friendly. This kind of textile not only has excellent hygroscopicity but also fast drying quality, thus prevents dust mites and molds from accumulating. Owing to the smooth surface of lyocell fibers, it can protect skin and treat skin allergies. The fabric is suitable for making bedding, infant clothes and underwear. The textile which the Taiwanese company developed combines zinc oxide and lyocell. People wearing clothes or using bedding made of this textile can prevent them from skin diseases caused by molds and bacteria. It also helps strengthen the immune system. Wearing clothes made of this textile would not have to worry about excessive sweating that may lead to bacterial growth in the pubic area. Laboratory tests show that it can retain more than 95% of its efficacy even after 500 times washing. The textile is 10% zinc oxide and 28% lyocell. But this ratio can be changed according to customer’s requirements. The company has cooperated with good textile mills in Taiwan and already designed several products, like bedding (sheets, quilts), infant and children products, underwear, functional socks, facial masks and gauze masks. The company would like to expand its market by offering services worldwide. It hopes to have suitable and long term business partnerships based on trusting and fair relations. Partners who are interested in the clothing or textile products can be provided a commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement. If partners have customized need, the company can provide manufacturing agreement.
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The Taiwanese company is hoping to cooperate with suitable and long term business partnerships based on trusting and fair relations. Distributors or agents who are interested in its clothing or textile products will be provided a commercial agency or distribution services agreement. If the potential partners have customized and specific needs, the Taiwanese company will offer a manufacturing agreement.
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