Taiwanese innovator specializing in educational and business communication solutions for videoconferencing systems is seeking distributors

The Taiwanese company specializes in educational and business communication solutions, providing a broad range of products, such as visualizers, charge & sync carts, interactive flat panels, and videoconferencing systems, as well as ODM and OEM services. It is seeking partners who can help the company distribute, resell and market its products under distribution agreement.
This Taiwanese company is a leading manufacturer of digital presentation and surveillance technology products with over 10 years' experience in the industry. It has about 500 employees posted across the globe, and 35% of which are R&D professionals. Its business is focused on product design, research and development as well as manufacturing. Among the products it offers educational systems, which have been marketed to schools in Vietnam, Thailand, Russia, Poland, Japan, etc. for students to learn and experience different cultures from around the globe. The company’s educational system solutions are built around the concept of blending student learning with technology. Interactive Flat Panel (IFP), a next-generation teaching screen which is placed in front of the classroom, is the core product of the company. The IFP allows teachers to easily present electronic learning material as well as material from a wide product range of mechanical arm, flexible arm, USB, wireless and platform visualizers. When used with its proprietary software, the IFP will enable teachers to transfer teaching materials through the IFP screen and onto the students’ tablets in an instant, creating a fluid learning experience and bringing images on the board to life in the students’ hands. Through its classroom videoconferencing system with high mobility microphone and IFP, teachers are able to help students experience different cultures from around the globe. The company also provides schools with charging solutions for class tablets, laptops, or Chromebooks. Charge carts and cabinets, which come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to meet the needs of individual classrooms, are designed to solve cable clutter with a power cord management systems. The unified communication products greatly reduce business travel expenses and time spent while increasing productivity, collaboration and communication. Their Auto Tracking Camera allows simple, hands-free, HD lecture and conference broadcasting, which fits the needs of schools and enterprises. Furthermore, the simple plug-and-play features can easily meet the communication needs of a variety of different businesses. Partners who are interested in advanced communication systems, particularly resellers and dealers, system Integrators, and government procurement negotiators of such products are welcome to discuss further details with the company. The company is looking for distribution agreement.
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The company is looking for dedicated partners to help distribute, resell, and market its products. System integrators and government procurement negotiators are welcome. Partners are expected to demonstrate the following: a) Product consultancy b) Solutions provider c) After service d) On-site support e) Develop new opportunities f) Brand marketing
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how,Copyright
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