Thermal imaging, dual-use, products offered by Greek company for commercial agreements with technical assistance with interested companies or organizations

An experienced Greek SME provides thermal imaging products, as well as systems and platforms. The offered products aim to cover dual-use purposes with increased capabilities and competitive features. The products can cover the needs of users for all-weather, high resolution, long distance surveillance. The Greek company is looking for organizations and companies interested in thermal imaging products under commercial agreement with technical assistance.
The Greek SME is deeply involved, for many years, in the sector of thermal imaging products, for dual use. The company designs, develops and manufactures high-tech thermal imaging systems, offering superior operational performance and unique special features. The company offers state-of-the-art, high-resolution, uncooled or cooled thermal imaging sensors, into devices or systems. The sensors satisfy effective operational requirements, under any weather condition and for a multitude of applications. The products are fully certified to meet the most demanding specifications. The offered portable devices include an uncooled thermal engine module, which is completely designed and developed, in-house. It provides increased thermal imaging capabilities, while possessing an extremely small footprint, making it ideal candidate for platforms such as mobile thermal imaging devices or UAVs. The specifications of this module include a resolution of 640x480 pixels, with 17μm pitch, a spectral response of 7-14μm, sensitivity less than 40 mK and weight less than 45 gr. As an example of the mentioned module, a binocular is offered with an uncooled sensor, as well as others sensors including a day camera, a laser range finder, a GPS, a digital magnetic compass, video recording and many other functions. An optional laser sensor is able to detect weapons, without any modification. Based on the thermal imaging sensors, the company is able to offer complete surveillance systems. Such a system is aiming marine applications. A high-tech, state of the art E/O (Electro/Optical) system, designed, developed and produced by the company offered. The system is an autonomous multi-sensor, stabilized, naval E/O system for operations on most types of vessels, even unmanned ones. It provides excellent night visibility and situational awareness. It supports multiple control stations onboard. It is equipped with a broad range of features to support a variety of specialized needs. For example, an advanced video tracking system device that automatically tracks a target such as another vessel. Thanks to its modular architecture and the integration capabilities with other sensors (e.g. radar, anti-drone systems), this sys tem provides also the baseline for the necessary adaptations to fulfil operational requirements for fixed land or mobile applications, as well. More advanced systems are available using a family of IP (Internet Protocol) multi-sensor surveillance systems that incorporate cooled or non-cooled thermal sensors, a wide range of lens selection (fixed or continuous optical zoom), an optical zoom day camera, optional laser rangefinder and the user interface software (GUI). They are remotely controlled, for day and night operation, in all atmospheric conditions such as dust, fog or smoke. They are also compatible with the ONVIF standard (ONVIF is an open industry forum that provides and promotes standardized interfaces for effective interoperability of IP-based physical security products) and provide video streaming via TCP/IP protocol. Advanced features include electronic video stabilization, capture & target monitoring, patrol mode, human detection and more. This system can operate on a variety of platforms such as a fixed pillar, a vehicle, a vessel, a fixed or portable outpost or even on tripod. Other variants of this system, depending on operational requirements, can offer a choice from a wide range of lens options. In this way, applications from short, to medium or long, even very long-range surveillance applications are feasible. For long distances, a multi-sensor cooled thermal camera is used. The advanced and compact design of these systems allows the easy installation. The Greek company is looking for companies or organizations interested in thermal imaging products, systems or platforms. The Greek company is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance.
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The Greek company is seeking for organizations or companies interested in thermal imaging systems for dual-use projects. The collaboration sought is commercial agreement with technical assistance. The Greek company can provide the technology needed according to the needs of the end-user. The Greek company has extensive experience and capabilities for participating in relevant competitions issued worldwide.
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