A Turkish company manufacturing steel and aluminum structures is offering manufacturing and subcontracting agreements

The Turkish company is specialized in manufacturing of various steel and aluminium structures including steel and aluminum based technical, collapsible, specific racks/stillage with various composite, PE (polyethylene), textile components. The company offers subcontracting and manufacturing agreements.
The Turkish company which has been providing services to logistics industry since 1985 is located in Gebze, on a total area of 14.625 sqm. The company manufactures steel and aluminium structures, steel and aluminum based technical, collapsible, specific racks/stillage with various composite, PE, textile components for many different industries such as gravity feed auto parts, protective glass, airline armament boxes etc. The company provides turnkey services as a solution partner and offers a full suite of product design services including prototyping, engineering and manufacturing. The biggest share of the company's customers come from the automotive manufacturing supply chain. The company serves the automotive companies, Tier1 suppliers and rack companies. The company fulfilled all its domestic and international commitments successfully and had international quality certificates required. The company is one of the two registered EN ISO 3834-2 welding certified company for EU standards. The company has the experience of working with international companies in Italy and different countries in Europe as subcontract manufacturer and and understand the clients' requirements and fulfill their needs with innovative solutions. The company is looking for partners to cooperate under manufacturing agreement or as subcontractor in order to increase its market share abroad.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company offers subcontracting or manufacturing services for partners (SMEs or large companies) from the automotive, steel and aluminum structure industries. These partners also could be storage rack companies seeking a subcontractor to manufacture racks. The company can manufacture the products upon customers' requests and provide customized solutions from design to serial production.
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