A Turkish company specialized in manufacturing and design of lightning protection systems looks for distributors and commercial agents and offers manufacturing agreement.

A leading Turkish company with almost seventy years of experience is specialized in manufacturing and design of lightning protection systems. Connectors and clamps,earthing rods and earthing components, interception masts and spires are among the product range of the company which offers supplier, distribution services, commercial agency and manufacturing agreement.
The Turkish company which was established in 1953 in Ankara in an organized industrial zone is one of the leading companies in manufacturing process and design of lightning protection systems. The product groups of the company are as follows: • Connectors and clamps • Tapes, wires and down conductors • Earthing rods and earthing components • Interception masts and spires • Products available in different material options such as: galvanized, hot deep galvanized, stainless steel, copper, aluminium according to the customer needs The company has worked with the leading worldwide brands in airport lightning protection, grounding design, lightning rods, etc. Among many others, the company is PN – EN 62305, PN -EN 62561,ISO 9001:2015; OHSAS 18001:2014; ISO EN14001:2015; CE, GOST, TS 18001:2014 certified. In order to increase its market share abroad, the company looks for distributors, commercial agents and offers manufacturing and supplier agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
In order to enter new markets, the company aims to establish reliable long term business partnerships via distribution services, commercial agency, supplier and manufacturing agreement. The distributors who will be responsible for promoting the company's products will act as the official distributor of the Turkish company in his/her country.The distibutors will be responsible for maintenance and after sale services. The distributors shall have an extensive network to companies which are involved in manufacturing of lightning protection equipment, electrical materials and accessories. Additionally, distributors active in civil and industrial engineering, construction companies, house holding industry, energy sector, construction materials are also welcome to sign a distribution services agreement. The commercial agents are expected to promote the company's products in local markets and establish the link between the end-users and the Turkish company. Furthermore, the company is willing to sign supplier agreements with importers, traders etc., to sell the products in its product range. Finally, the Turkish company can also manufacture the products in its product range and specially designed products for SMEs and large companies under manufacturing agreement. As soon as an agreement has been signed between the company and the partners specified above, the company will be responsible for the training of the staff for the use of the equipment and for the provision of the after sales services.The partners will also be provided with catalogues, on-line documents, brochure, etc, Any other issue will be discussed between the partner and the Turkish company before signing the agreement.
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Already on the market
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Patents granted,Trade Marks
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