Turkish furniture manufacturer offers kitchen and bathroom furniture and accessories through distribution services agreement and subcontracting as well as manufacturing agreement under private label.

Turkish high technology furniture manufacturer is willing to supply kitchen and bathroom storage, cabinets, vanities and accessories for home furniture manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers, real estate developers and private clients. The enterprise is looking for trade partners worldwide to cooperate under distribution services agreement. They are also ready to act as a subcontractor and/or to render manufacturing services for private label production accord with partners’ needs.
Founded in 2006 at Canakkale, Western Turkey, the enterprise is under the roof of a construction equipments corporation and has been operating as a furniture manufacturer with well-trained and responsible employees. Within 14 years, the forward-looking company has become a major player in the Turkish market supplying high standards of quality, design and ergonomics solutions for kitchen and bathroom furniture of storage, cabinets and vanities including accessories, combining comfort and convenience. The SME makes investments relying on new, efficient technologies and machinery. The automation in the production line provides custom solutions for dimensions, finishes, fixtures and appliances. The manufacturing plant is located on 10.000 square meters with 6000 square meter closed area, and it is capable of producing assembled 5000 modules of furniture in a month. Traditional forms or contemporary style, the SME closely follows clients’ requirements and has committed to providing the products with an optimal price/quality ratio. Due to its close access to seaports, the Turkish SME has logistic advantage to serve European importer markets, though the company exports mainly to Canada, USA and Montenegro in terms of bathroom vanities. They are also actively engaged in subcontracting works for residential real estate developers in the local market. The enterprise manufactures a wide range of ready- and custom - made furniture according to clients' needs. They mainly manufacture milled and varnished MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) furniture available in a wide range of styles, sizes and colours (RAL and NCS palettes - colour matching). All of MDF furniture fall into the E1 classification ensuring low level of Formaldehyde emission (less than 0.1 ppm - parts per million). The SME serves surfaces like lacquer, timber or PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) finishing as well as melamine, high-pressure laminate and veneer ones. The company uses certified and environment-friendly finishing materials (paint and varnish). The surfaces can be antibacterial, fingerprint free, matt or gloss, water- and scratch-resistant and UV resistant. Furniture fittings are in compliance with high quality standards. CAD design software is used to create 2D or 3D models with precise measurements, angles and dimensions enabling changes to products. The end product is manufactured after client's approval. Distribution services agreement, subcontracting and manufacturing agreement under private label are offered to potential partners in order to spread products in the European and other markets and to increase the number of end-users.
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The company is interested in building cooperation in order to diversify foreign markets and expand sales abroad. Distribution services agreement is offered to home furniture retailers, wholesalers and other reliable companies to act as a distributor on behalf of the SME. Partners will be given full support for each stage of the sales process and a long term business commitment to provide them with the products. Subcontracting agreement is another choice offered to real estate developers who are engaged in construction projects of flats and houses. The enterprise would also like to conclude subcontracting meeting and/or manufacturing agreement under private label with furniture or other manufacturers who are willing to outsource standard or custom-made kitchen and bathroom furniture and accessories. This will be a great chance to create own-brand products; hence the parties will mutually benefit from the cooperation in which both sides will grow together. Ideal partners are expected to have solid experience in furniture sector both for domestic clients and corporate clients and to have a keen understanding of their regional /national markets together with well-developed trade contacts.
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