A Turkish medical device manufacturer looks for distributors and commercial agents and offers manufacturing agreement

A Turkish company which operates in neonatal intensive care units such as infant incubators, phototherapy units, transport incubators looks for distributors, commercial agents and offers manufacturing agreement. The company is engaged in transnational cooperation with many countries all over the world and is ISO 13485:2003 and CE certified.
The Turkish company was founded in 1968 in Ankara in an organized industrial zone. The company operates in intensive care units, emergency units, operating room and anesthesia equipment, intensive care-sterilization emergency services and turnkey hospital projects, Furthermore, the company has been producing high quality medical devices in its own factory since 1970. The company has been a solution partner both in Turkey and abroad. The product range includes: - infant incubators; - ınfant warmers; - phototherapy units; - transport incubators; The company has an R&D department equipped with qualified staff and advanced technology. The company is ISO 9001 : 2008, ISO 13485 : 2003 and CE certified and exports to 33 countries including the European countries. In order to increase its market share, the company offers distibution services, commercial agency, and manufacturing agreement for reliable partners.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The distributors who will be responsible for promoting the company's product will act as the official distributor of the Turkish company in his/her country. The distributors are expected to be active in health sector with extensive network to hospitals, health care centers, private clinics, nursery homes wıth a focus on neonatal fıeld. The distributors must have the ability to provide customer service, including after sales services, repairs and warranty services. The commercial agent are expected to promote the company's products in local markets and establish the link between the end-users and the Turkish company. The agents are expected to have experience and background in medical sector. The company offers turnkey hospital projects to SMEs, large companies, hospitals, health centers, military etc. As soon as an agreement has been signed between the company and the partners specified above, the company will be responsible for the training of the staff for the use of the equipment and for the provision of the after sales services.
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Already on the market
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Trade Marks
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