UK company with fish-friendly, portable floating hydropower turbine for small-scale power generation seeks distributors

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A UK company has developed a compact hydropower turbine that is fish-friendly, easy to install and has minimal impact on the environment. The device offers an alternative energy solution for small businesses near a river/stream (e.g. a water mill) wanting to reduce their carbon footprint, as well as in developing rural communities as a way of generating small volumes of power. They are seeking resellers, organisations or military with access to these market segments via distribution agreements.
Hydoelectric power is expensive and usually only accessible at a large scale. Hydropower usually requires large construction works and as a result are damaging to the environment, both because of its destructive and disruptive installation and the tendency for such stations to kill fish and disturb other aquatic life. While there have been attempts at developing floating hydropower generators in the past, a UK company with 14 years' experience in hydropower development has produced a new compact device that has absolutely zero impact on the local environment and ecology. The product is designed to have no impact on fish and aquatic life and does not require polluting river construction works. The device is compact and generates 300W-600W so is not intended for large-scale energy generation, but would provide an additional or alternative energy source for companies or homes located near fast flowing rivers, small weirs or sluices, or water mills. There are an estimated 1 million water barriers within the EU and UK that could benefit from the device. The floating 'plug & play' hydropower generator can provide enough power to run water filtration units, replacing small diesel generators, fans and lighting for a small village, to name a few examples. Examples of possible customer bases accessible via a reseller includes, but is not limited to: - Mill owners - Hydro owners - Water treatment works - Commercial businesses ofsetting CO2 - Farmers - Landowners - Riverside dwellers - Fish farms - Councils The UK company is seeking resellers, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), charitable associations or military contacts that might have access to these particular market segments, to sell the product via distribution agreement.
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Type: Industry/NGO/Military Activity: Reseller of alternative energy devices Specific role of partner sought: The partner should have access to a market segment consisting of small business owners that own water mills for example, or perhaps be a non-governmental organisation seeking a fish-friendly hydropower solution to help their clients meet environmental legislation requirements, or a military contact seeking a portable, low-cost device to help remote or developing communities generating their own energy more sustainably.
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