UK manufacturer of a bone regeneration product for dental surgery seeks distributors in key territories worldwide

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This UK manufacturer of a bone regeneration product for use in dental surgery has over 30 years of clinical and technological know-how. The product has been designed free from any animal or human content with a synthetic material that is simple to use and will quickly turn into bone in order to aid fast recovery from procedures. The company is currently looking to develop sales of the product in a number of new territories worldwide and seeks experienced clinical distributors.
This UK based manufacturer has designed a new bone regeneration product for use in dental surgery, which is made from synthetic paste and is completely free of any animal or human content. It has already had great success in the market with this ground breaking and ethical product. The success in the UK dental surgery market is due to its synthetic paste construction that provides a stable graft. The structure is then fully replaced by the patient’s own bone with natural growth over a period of months, with no graft particles left behind. The company has designed the product as a biphasic matrix, with a built in membrane function for high graft stability enabling true bone healing and growth to occur quickly, therefore speeding along further procedures and also avoiding the use of a collagen membrane. Working with the body’s healing response by using advanced alloplast and synthetic biomaterials, based on three decades of implantology expertise, all aspects of the product – particle shape and stacking, porosity and surface area – have gone through rigorous development to provide market leading results. The product can be used for many purposes and situations including: tooth extraction, oral disease, implantology or trauma. In a typical case, the synthetic product can turn from its original paste state to 50% new bone in just 12 weeks. Without the product dental surgery can be difficult, as in most situations it is a simple case of there not being enough bone to insert a dental implant. With a solid customer base in the UK and a small amount of trade overseas, the company is now in a position to develop the product abroad in order to expand the business. Therefore, it now seeks experienced clinical distributors in key territories to promote the product and increase its presence internationally.
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Organisations wishing to work with this UK manufacturer could be experienced distributors of clinical or dental products who have a well developed network in the healthcare, dental surgery or maxillo-facial surgery market. With an excellent knowledge of the local economy, the partner must work with initiative and first rate commitment to quality of service for potential customers. In return, this company will provide full support and training on the product and expects to develop long term partnerships with people who are fully committed to the product and its development in their home territory.
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