Ukrainian metalworking company offers subcontracting and manufacturing agreement

The Ukrainian company, located in the center of Ukraine, specializes in the production of metal furniture fittings by cold stamping of sheet steel. The company can design and manufacture the necessary dies, molds, and other metal tools according to the individual requirements of the client. The company offers subcontracting and manufacturing agreement with potential partners.
The Ukrainian company was founded in 2005. Today it is one of the leading companies in the field of metalworking with a wide range of services in the area. The company can produce the following: - sofa transformation mechanisms - furniture brackets, hinges, corners - wheel supports - frame of sofas, beds - springs - rivets - dies and molds - products to order The company is equipped with modern machinery and equipment, has qualified personnel and a good production base. It guarantees quality manufacturing and timely execution of customer orders. The company is equipped with the following technological lines, allowing it to perform a wide range of metalworking: - sheet stamping lines with a force ranging from 80tons to 315tons.The maximum thickness of the metal roll strip for automatic stamping is 5mm, the maximum roll width is 650mm. - crank presses with an effort of 16 tons to 160 tons. The total number of such presses is more than 20 units. - lines of galvanic coating with decorative zinc and polymer coating. Polymer coating lines are presented of two types: with a dead-end baking chamber for products weighing up to 540 kg, and a through-type chamber with two spraying posts on opposite sides. - CNC laser cutting machine for metal - milling machines with complex CNC machining centers. - The welding section, which includes a welding robotic complex, provides welding of steel, titanium, and aluminum parts in an environment of argon and carbon dioxide shielding gases. Also, the company has organized a closed cycle for the manufacture of dies and molds, which includes design, manufacture, control, with the necessary set of equipment and technologies. The company has a power reserve of 2000 kW and 3600 square meters of vacant production space. The company offers subcontracting and manufacturing agreements of metal furniture fittings, dies, molds, and another tooling. Subcontracting services are offered to companies that are not able to produce specific components or semi-finished structures and are looking for companies with qualified personnel and know-how or need subcontractors for high volume orders. Manufacturing services are offered to companies that need specific products manufactured at the production facilities of a Ukrainian company. The company wants to expand its business in other markets, thus is looking for partners to cooperate through subcontracting or manufacturing agreement.
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The Ukrainian company is expanding its services and looking for new partners in the metalworking industry to work on projects together under the subcontracting agreement. The company is looking for long-term cooperation opportunities from a different range of companies. Also, the company is capable of manufacturing certain metal products such as metal fittings, dies, molds, and other tools upon request and working under a manufacturing agreement.
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