Ukrainian producer of barbecue fireplaces is looking for international distributors.

Ukrainian leading manufacturer of garden BBQ fireplaces made of heat-resistant reinforced concrete with decorative natural stone finishes is looking for international partners active in the field of home and garden products to enter new markets through distribution agreements.
Ukrainian company began its history in 2009 with the production of BBQ fireplaces made of heat-resistant reinforced concrete, and for 12 years it has become a leader in the production of garden BBQ fireplaces in the Ukrainian market. A garden barbecue fireplace is a stove, barbecue, grill and fireplace in one product. Thanks to the versatility of presented barbecue, you can cook products on skewers, grill grates, in a cauldron, on a specially created grate for this and simply use it as a garden fireplace, light a fire in it and get aesthetic pleasure from it. In the production of demountable outdoor stoves and barbecue fireplaces, innovative technologies of washed concrete are used. This technology has been used for a long time and is very popular in the USA and Europe, due to its decorative effect, convenience and ease of use, as well as durability. This is the most modern and technologically advanced way to obtain an elite barbecue fireplace, which has a surface inlaid with a natural stone with high strength and weather resistance. The designers scrupulously verify every line and detail of the model range, the proportions of fireplaces are calculated according to the "golden section" principle, which was used by ancient architects. This principle, borrowed from nature itself, allows you to maintain a harmony of forms that is pleasing to the human eye. Inserts and mantels shelves of modules are presented in 21 color variations. The company offers both individual fireplaces and whole complexes. The company is looking for international distributors such as garden, home stores and others to enter into partnerships for further growth in overseas markets through distribution agreements. Future distributors should be able to sell fireplaces in their local market; thus, it is preferable that the partner has a well-established customer network.
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The Ukrainian company is looking for international partners to conclude distribution agreements. The company would prefer partners from the retail chains, gardens, home stores, and other similar properties. A potential distributor must have his own distribution network to provide logistics in the local market.
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