Ukrainian trading company is looking for distributors of different kind of products from wood, plastic and metal in EU countries

Ukrainian company operates in more than 10 EU countries as well as Israel. Its' customers are more than 30 trading and distribution companies from Europe. The enterprise cooperates with a large number of Ukrainian manufacturers, who work primarily in the field of wood and metalworking. The main goal of the company is expanding partner networks both in Ukraine and abroad. The company is looking for distributors of products in the wood and metalworking sectors.
Ukrainian company was founded in 2016 with one global mission: to promote high-quality Ukrainian products to the European and world markets. The main groups of exported products for this moment: 1. Wooden containers and pallets: - Unmarked europallets; - Atypical pallets; - Fruit and vegetable containers; - Boxes decorative; - etc. 2. Polymer manhole covers and drain channels: - Round manhole covers A15, B125, C250; - Square manhole covers A15; - Drainage channels C250. All products comply with EN124. 3. Galvanised ware: - Buckets; - Tanks; - Flower pots; - Basins and Baths. 4. Charcoal; 5. Soft packaging: - Big bags; - Liner bags; - Inserts to the open wagon. Each shipment is checked by the quality department, so the company can guarantee that the products will meet all agreed parameters. The Ukrainian company is looking for distributors of its' products.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Ukrainian company is looking for distributors of the following goods: 1) Wooden products (pallets, products for BBQ, charcoal, wood chips, wooden handles, and preforms for tools, boxes decorative and containers for vegetables and fruits 2) Metal products (household goods) 3) Polymer products (polymer manhole covers and trench drains) 4) Packaging (soft packaging, paper bags) The company is looking for a distributor in Europe who could take care of products. The company wants to build a partnership for strong cooperation on the market. The company offers a distribution services agreement.
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