Well-established Austrian company offers 2- and 3-layer parquet systems as well as wooden stairs with tongue & groove and clicksystem to distribution partners in CIS & CEE countries

The Austrian company, being market leader in intelligent parquet and wooden stair systems within its domestic market, constantly focuses on innovative, sustainable solutions and ecological responsibility. The company is thus able to offer its future partners a variety of extraordinary functions such as maintenance-free, healthy or sound-reduction parquet. For its varying products, it currently seeks to conclude distribution services agreements with partners in selected CIS & CEE countries.
The Austrian family business with a rich tradition in wood processing was originally founded in 1831 as a woodturning shop and veneer sawmill. Today, the seventh generation runs the firm still headquatered in the federal province of Styria in south-east Austria, but operating worldwide. Over the years the company evolved into a real expert for parquet floors with function as well as for individual wooden stair solutions and thus became internationally renowned. Thanks to the passion, curiosity and innovative power of the company that makes "parquet intelligence" possible, it is well on its way to becoming a leading European company in this field. Manufacturing intelligent parquets means setting new benchmarks when it comes to parquet flooring, offering convenience, comfort and an enhanced sense of well-being. The unique features of the company's maintenance-free, healthy and sound-reduction parquets stand as proof of its innovative drive, which sets new standards in the field of parquet design. Moreover, the company is able to exactly match colors and the fabrication of parquet and stairs so as to create a perfect symbiosis and harmonious appearance. Being proud of its roots and social responsibility, the company demonstrates its gratitude for this privilege with a quality pledge to precision, perfection and craftsmanship. Environmental and ecological responsibility as well as sustainability can be seen as further central values of the Austrian company. Hence, the firm uses almost exclusively wood from sustainable, European forestry and completely avoids using tropical wood. All of its products bear the “Blue Angel” environmental label. The company can offer sophisticated and durable products. Being able to manage the entire value chain and conscious of ecological responsibility from start to finish, its products are manufactured exclusively in Austria at the company's headquarter. The company is looking for established business partners in selected CIS & CEE countries with (some) experience in transnational cooperation to cover distribution services as well as business development activities. As the company's strategy is focusing on high-quality and reliability in all its facets, this points should also be anchored in the partners' strategy and activities. What does the company offer its partners: - highest quality raw materials - traditional craftsmanship - technical innovations - absolute precision - decades of experience
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Seeking partners with direct access to the local market of wooden parquet and stair systems as well as with a good understanding of the respective sector, the company aims at cooperating with property developers, architects, installers, retailers and facility managers, who can offer distribution services. The firm is especially interested in working with distributors from Croatia, Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo, Romania, Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria, who attach the same importance to ecological responsibility, standards and innovative design as the company itself.
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