Workplace management software supporting organisation and collaborative use of hybrid workplaces

A Northern German startup has developed a workplace management software supporting companies to effectively work and collaborate in hybrid teams, to manage shared desks and to meet Covid-19 regulations such as limitation of people per room, isolation distances and monitoring of vaccination, recovery or test status. License agreements are offered.
The lockdowns and business interruptions of Covid-19 pandemic have fostered transformation towards digitalized and innovative workplaces. It is expected that in most companies hybrid workplaces will stay the "new normal". An increasing number of companies reduce office space and introduce desksharing concepts. Successful teamwork needs to be organised in a new way with some colleagues in office, others at home or working remotely. In addition, currently it remains challenging for HR departments to meet the pandemics requirements as limited number of people allowed per room, isolation distances between desks or monitoring of vaccination, recovery or test status of employees. Though hopefully Covid-19 regulations will not remain forever, it will be an ongoing challenge to effectively manage hybrid workplaces. A startup from Northern Germany has developed a workplace management software to support both HR departments and employees with smooth everyday organisation and collaborative use of hybrid workplaces. HR departments can manage and monitor a safe return to office with a software managing capacity limits, enabling simple deskbooking, contact tracing and confidential recording of vaccination, recovery or test status of employees. In addition the software helps to understand how the team is adapting the hybrid policy and how offices are being utilized. Employees and management benefit from the people centered setting, facilitating communication and cooperation within the team in a hybrid workplace. Users see who is in the office, at home or working remotely and can join them with just one click. The workplace management software is easy to use, can be integrated into Slack or MS Teams and can seamlessly be linked with many tools already used such as Personio or Google Calendar. Currently the software is available in English and German language. The tool is GDPR compliant and ensuring the security of customers data is taken very seriously. All data are hosted in secure German data centers. All data are not only encrypted in transit but beyond that are also encrypted at rest. The technology is offered to companies and organisations of any size in form of licensing agreements. A basic version of the software as a service tool is offered free of charge for small teams with up to 10 users. Small and medium sized teams can book an advanced version for a monthly fee of 3,20 Euro per user. Larger enterprises with special requirements are welcome to get in touch for customized offers. Subscription is without binding obligations and can be cancelled any time.
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Type: Companies of any size interested in a solution to better manage hybrid workplaces with regard to - compliancy with Covid-19 regulations - organisation of desksharing models - communication and collaboration of employees working in office, at home or remotely - monitoring of hybrid workplace use Role: Licensing of the software
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