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Russian company specializing in feather pillows, blankets and bedding for home seeks distributors

01.03.2018Published 1092 days ago
The Russian company specializes in manufacturing of textile products. The company was founded in 2001. The main directions are processing of feather-down raw waterfowl, manufacture of feather pillows and blankets, mattresses, bed linen, professional sports and tourism down clothing, sleeping bags. Pillows, blankets made by German technology. The manufacturing process uses German and Japanese equipment, which allows to make high-quality down and feather products. Production is carried out only from the fresh (new) raw materials, the last wash and special treatment ozonation and ionize.

Russian producer of fancy confectionery products and pasta is looking for partners within distribution services agreement

27.02.2018Published 1094 days ago
The Russian company from the Ryazan region has been producing bread and confectionery products, including sweet biscuits, crackers, pasta and sugar since 1983. The company has highly-efficient line for cakes, eclairs and biscuits,cookies. Production line of sugar cookies was activated in 2000 with more than 30 types of cookies. In 2002 the factory put into service a pasta section which produces more than 15 types of pasta.

Russian company seeks for fabric supplier under the manufacturing agreement.

21.12.2017Published 1162 days ago
A Russian company from Tver Region is engaged in clothing manufacturing, branding and souvenir production. Company’s own manufacture allows the employees to follow every step of the production and offer lowered prices to the customers. The company offers the following services: 1) Clothing manufacturing (sweatshirts, uniforms, T-shirts, tracksuits, and hoodies) — standard and individually produced moulds, more than twenty types of fabric; an average order production takes two or three days.