Bulgarian creator of an application that combines a group tours marketplace and a social travel network seeks partners for a franchise agency agreement

01.07.2019Published 617 days ago
A Bulgarian start-up company is developing an application which changes the way group traveling works. The application has the characteristics of a both social travel network and an online group tours marketplace. It allows its users to find people with similar interests with whom they can travel together on organized tours. The application is the first of its kind as those who have downloaded it can create their traveler’s profile, get acquainted with new people and know who the other group participants are in advance.

A Bulgarian producer of cold-pressed unrefined oils from seeds and nuts is looking for partners under commercial agency or distribution services agreements and is offering its products under a manufacturing agreement.

19.06.2019Published 629 days ago
A Bulgarian family-owned company produces healthy high quality oils from seeds and nuts by the method of cold-pressing. This way of production makes it possible to maintain all the beneficial properties of the substances they have been extracted from. Oils are a mixture of useful and irreplaceable fats. They are the only source of polyunsaturated fatty acids (vitamin F), which is an important bio stimulator for various physiological and biochemical processes. Oils accelerate cell metabolism, improve humidity, help to form collagen and fibrinogen.

A Bulgarian producer of different metal products offers a batch production of items under manufacturing agreement.

10.06.2019Published 638 days ago
A Bulgarian family company, established in 1999 in Plovdiv. Its activities are oriented towards metal processing. At the moment company operates in a rented production facilities, but owns all the equipment necessary for the manufacturing. Its proprietors – father and son, acquired a land in an industrial area with the intention till the end of 2019 to finish the company’s factory and to relocate the production processes there.

Bulgarian signmaking company offers its products and production capabilities and seeks commercial agency agreements

05.06.2019Published 643 days ago
Bulgarian company from the advertising sector is offering a comprehensive range of design and production services.

A Bulgarian bio-certified producer of shiitake mushroom products is looking for cooperation partners under distribution services agreement

27.05.2019Published 652 days ago
A Bulgarian company is a bio-certified producer of shiitake mushrooms grown on oak logs according to original Japanese technology. Shiitake grown on oak threes has premium quality and present the so called ‘umami’ taste compared to other mushrooms grown on substrates as offered in mass production.

Bulgarian producer of hot air biomass generators seeks sales agents and distributors

22.05.2019Published 657 days ago
The Bulgarian company has their own factory, equipped with the most modern metalworking machines and a team of highly qualified specialists. With attention to detail, and in line with the development of modern technology, they design and manufacture innovative high-efficiency, precision-quality, and contemporary designs. The company is dedicated to the design and production of hot air generators. The hot air generators are 115kW. They use wood pellets and agro pellets with sizes ф6 and ф8mm.

A social network for good deeds is looking for investors

14.05.2019Published 665 days ago
There are many individuals and companies wishing to make good deeds but lacking systematic, trustworthy and reliable information about the available opportunities, partners and conditions for such activities.

A Bulgarian recruitment agency offers its services to other recruitment agencies under subcontracting

09.05.2019Published 670 days ago
A Bulgarian company, specialized in providing of services in the field of human resources (HR), finds and recruits personnel in the country and abroad. Its target is to hire the right employees - professionals, reliable people, for its clients. This process is getting more and more complicated. Finding an appropriate employee often overcomes the standard methods of searching and requires proper estimation, intuition and right decisions. The company has more than 10 years of experience in the field of recruitment both for Bulgarian, and for foreign companies as well.

Bulgarian company specialized in production of dried fruits and nuts is looking distributors and manufacturing agreements

25.04.2019Published 684 days ago
The Bulgarian company started its activities with the production of fresh and dried fruits, grown in their own orchards, which are situated in Northeastern Bulgaria. The region has a strongly developed fruit and vegetable growing, based on the climate and soil. The company is selling its production mostly on the local market, but also in Scandinavian countries, EU and third countries as Israel, USA, etc.

Bulgarian company is looking for partnership with manufacturers of door handles under subcontracting and distribution agreements

09.04.2019Published 700 days ago
The Bulgarian company is operating on the market of doors fittings since 1995 and became a leading manufacturer of own innovative developments of door components and solutions. The products of the company are manufactured in Bulgaria in compliance with the European standards on raw materials, technical characteristics and resistance of surface treatments. The manufacturing processes are based on the integrated, non-waste technologies or technologies that fully utilize the primary raw materials. The company is offering its portfolio of handles, which includes: - handles for interior doors - han