A Bulgarian producer of halva and Bulgarian delights is looking for international distributors or commercial agents

18.04.2018Published 33 days ago
A family run Bulgarian company, established in 1999, is specialised in producing and trading of sugar products and in particular halva, Bulgarian delight, fruit sliced and tahini.The production base of the company is 3,500 sq. meters and meets all European requirements for equipment for food production.

Bulgarian producer of natural cosmetics is looking for distributors

30.03.2018Published 52 days ago
The Bulgarian company was founded in 2015 with the objective of producing natural and organic cosmetics of the highest quality. Their lines of shampoo, shower gel and liquid hand soap are made to satisfy the consumers’ need for a healthy lifestyle.

Bulgarian company offering manufacturing agreements of an innovative product and technology for fresh air treatment

27.03.2018Published 55 days ago
The activities of the Bulgarian company are related with the production of efficient solutions for ventilation and air conditioning. The main advantage of the the innovative product is the use of "2 stage thermodynamic heat recovery technology"- recovering up to 100% of the extract heat/cool/humidity. It is designed to maintain the indoor climate whenever 100% fresh air is needed. The other innovation is that the system is a monolithic solution, consisted from a climate chamber, chiller and control system. The cooperation sought is a manufacturing agreement.

A Bulgarian company manufacturing high quality bottled drinking water is looking for distributors.

20.03.2018Published 62 days ago
The Bulgarian company manufacturing bottled spring water since 2009 is looking for distributors.

Bulgarian company offers an industrial method for plant oils aromatization with natural flavor compounds through distribution services agreements

18.03.2018Published 64 days ago
The field of activity of the Bulgarian SME company is in aromatization with natural flavors in the food industry and gourmet culinary. The offer is related with an industrial method, technology and equipment for aromatization with natural truffle aromas applied in the gourmet industry. The main advantage is that the aromatization is realized with natural volatile organic flavours, containing in various truffle types. The truffles are high quality plant products extremely applied in the culinary.

Bulgarian company offers new generation incinerator for medical and hazardous waste and is looking for partners

16.03.2018Published 66 days ago
The company is established in Sofia with main activity - creation and development of technologies which are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. That’s why the company produces electrolysis based gas generators and supports their integration into industrial and domestic systems by elaborating different applications.

H2020-LC-SC3-EE-9-2018-2019: coordinator and a bank sought for joining a proposal on evaluation tool for financing of Energy Efficiency projects by banks

15.03.2018Published 67 days ago
The project offers development of a standardized, easy understandable, functional and user-friendly software, which financial institutions can use for evaluation and management of Energy Efficiency projects (EEP). It gives also opportunity for effective combination between public and private funds for projects to improve their financial viability. Currently the main obstacle confronting the realization of EEP is the financing. Banks are not actively participating in this area of business, due to difficulties in understanding its complex environment.

Innovative technology for wireless control of robotic systems for patient’s rehabilitation

03.03.2018Published 79 days ago
Bulgarian scientific organization has a research team working in the field of robotics. The control approaches are related with the analysis and application of electroencephalography signals from the human brain. The new technology is addressed to the necessity of better permanent assistance of patients with mobility impairment during rehabilitation procedures. In some cases it is very important the monitoring of the daily patients’ activity too.

Bulgarian company specialized in the production of wafer snack seeks partners

01.03.2018Published 81 days ago
A Bulgarian company offers expertise and know-how technology in the production of wafer snacks.The company is the only company producing wafer snacks in Bulgaria. The benchmark analysis shows that the company's well developed recipe of the wafer snack, does not have an analogue in Europe. The company produces a high quality product suitable for a wide range of consumers. The company is using its unique recipe, developed by the company experts. The salt wafer bites are baked in small batches with fine ingredients.

A Bulgarian company, specialized in design, production and tailor-made equipment and components for telecommunication networks is looking for partners under distribution and manufacturing agreement.

28.02.2018Published 82 days ago
Since its establishment in 1996, the Bulgarian company has been devoted to developing core technologies for RF and Optical telecommunication equipment. As a result, the company has been successful with developing and commercializing various individually solutions as the photos attached. It also develops and produces specialized network measurement systems & equipment for maintenance and parameter checking of cable TV networks. The company expects to find new market through localization of various Radio Frequency and Optical equipment.