Icelandic company growing fresh wasabi is looking for food importers/distributors to high end restaurants and gourmet food & gift stores in Portugal, Estonia and Croatia

03.08.2021Published 74 days ago
The Icelandic company farms fresh wasabi using advanced technologies and sustainable resources. The company specializes in ecological high end food production with greenhouse hydroponics and only use organic growing mediums. The company's greenhouses are some of the most technologically advanced in Europe and can farm the rare fresh wasabi year-round. Traditionally the wasabis unique agricultural growing conditions has restricted wide cultivation. The company has signed on to the Nordic Food Manifesto and place an emphasis is on purity, freshness and simplicity.

Icelandic company is looking for distributors for their natural supplements

26.11.2020Published 324 days ago
The Icelandic R&D company has been working for several years to develop their natural supplements. The company offers five 100% natural mineral products, supplements that naturally renew the body from within. The company uses advanced technology and minerals found in Iceland's volcanic earth to produce natural and pure food supplements for daily intake. The company has a GMP Certified production facility in Iceland. The company is looking for distributors around the world for their products, and can offer private label agreements.

Onboard digital AI co-pilot system that provides vessel operators with intuitive decision support and trip predictions is seeking partners in Europe

30.10.2020Published 351 days ago
The company was founded in Iceland in late 2018. The team behind the concept comes from a diverse background, from business development to mechanical engineering, boat building, education, banking, and medical devices. The idea behind the company developed out of its own need to measure impact forces affecting the boats that it was working on developing back when the team was involved in the boat building industry.