A Jordanian company specialized in producing Arabic sweets is looking for agents, distributors or franchise partners.

29.05.2018Published 51 days ago
A Jordanian company specialized in producing Arabic sweets, established in year 2011, the company has six branches in Jordan with total area for the factory (3,000 meter square) and annual production Capacity (900 Ton) The main products are: 1. Assorted Arabic sweets such as baklava 2. Maamoul (pistachio, walnut, dates) 3. Nawashef mashakal ( gharybeh, sesame cookies (barazek)) Baklava contain layers of filo dough, separated with melted gee.

A Jordanian company specialized in Wire and Cable Management products is looking for distributors in Europe.

11.04.2018Published 99 days ago
Since the establishment in 1991, all of the company's products are made in Jordan with Jordanian certificates of origin. A significant portion of their raw materials are sourced from some of the top suppliers in the EU. The company operate modern production lines from Europe and elsewhere employing the very latest technologies in their field. The products of the company are made to conform to the latest European and International technical standards and they ensure that all their products exceed the performance requirements of these standards.

Jordanian company for dead sea products seeking research cooperation agreement to develop a skin care product

29.03.2018Published 112 days ago
A Jordanian company headed by its board of directors and owned by one of the Potash companies . The company was established in 1997 with a capital of $2 million USD by the Potash company which is ranked the fifth worldwide for the production and sale of potash fertilizers is seeking research cooperation opportunity for developing its products to a more easy-use forms. The company is responsible of extracting and utilizing the resources of the Dead Sea on behalf of the Potash company.

Jordanian producer of coffee and specialty food products seeks partners in Europe

30.12.2017Published 201 days ago
A Jordanian company established in year 2014 to be a leader in manufacturing different types of high quality healthy coffee such as: date seed coffee, barley coffee in addition to special food products such as soups and spices. After an extremely positive start in the Jordanian market, the company has gown up to export to several Arab countries.

A Jordanian company for para-pharmaceuticals and cosmetics is looking for distributors for its broad range of Dead Sea products through a distribution agreement.

13.12.2017Published 218 days ago
The Dead Sea region is the lowest spot on earth,and it has been celebrated for its high concentration of minerals, and it includes 25 types of minerals and 8 trace elements 13 of them only available in the Dead Sea, such as: calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, bromide and others.Many studies have proven the efficacy of the minerals in treating and preventing various diseases such as psoriasis, acne and rheumatism.

A Jordanian company specialized in manufacturing Dead Sea natural beauty products is seeking distributors and franchise partners in several European countries.

07.12.2017Published 224 days ago
A Jordanian company is specialized in manufacturing and supply of skin care products enriched with Dead Sea minerals. The company was established in year 1994 among the first Jordanian companies in the field, with the vision to exploit the uniqueness and richness of the Dead Sea minerals and to delivery it to the world.

A Jordanian company specialized in home care detergents is looking for commercial agents in Europe

03.12.2017Published 228 days ago
A Jordanian leading company, started as a family business in detergents in 1991, is specialized in manufacturing of all types of detergents. The company has three categories of detergents: home care, personal care and cloth care lines of detergents. The company was the first to manufacture green gel, a product that is used for multi-purposes. The company then expanded its products, having now six brands registered in its name internationally. This includes more than 200 products of various sizes, flavors, and uses.

A leading Jordanian Pharmaceutical group for medicated cosmetic and pharmaceutical products looking for a distribution or a commercial agency agreement.

27.11.2017Published 234 days ago
The Jordanian company was established by a group of qualified people having extensive knowledge and experience in research and development in pharmaceutical industry, and in close cooperation with academic experts. It has been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the region. Based on the high caliber and the state-of-the art research, the company has been developing pharmaceutical, cosmetic, herbal, and medical products with high efficacy and innovation.

Jordanian manufacturer of steel piping systems and tabular poles and towers seeks manufacturers and subcontractors.

26.11.2017Published 235 days ago
The Jordanian company was established in 1984 for the manufacturing of steel piping systems for water transportation networks and tabular poles & towers for electrical power transmission, the company producing the following two main categories of products: the first category is for water transportation networks: - Seam welded steel pipe (light, medium & heavy): Manufactured according to DIN 2444 with a diameter of (0.5 – 6.0) inch, Typical applications: cold and hot water lines, firefighting, HVAC lines, and electric poles - Coated steel pipes (2 – 12) inch: Manufactured according to

A Jordanian company for an extensive selection of Arabic sweets seeks distributors for its broad range of products through a distribution agreement.

19.11.2017Published 242 days ago
A Jordanian company specialized in producing eastern and western Sweets, chocolate, cake and Ice cream was founded in 1983, the company currently is operating on a facility with 3 stories each story is 400 m2 space with approximately 210 employees, and since such industry demands unique skills and expertise the company always strived to have the best experts in the field. During the 34 years the company succeeded to develop and grow to have several branches (selling points) in several cities in Jordan and to target different customer segments with its wide variation of products.