Young Luxembourgish water and wastewater treatment company seeks commercial or distribution agreements

18.08.2017Published 92 days ago
The company relies on the vast knowhow of its team members in the area of water and wastewater treatment with membrane technology.

Luxembourgish company specialised in the production of therapeutic bathtubs is looking for distributors in Europe

28.07.2017Published 113 days ago
The company is specialized in the production of therapeutic bathtubs, they combine institutional bathing with natural therapies to improve well-being. The bathtub is the essential accessory for people with reduced mobility because of its ease of access. In cooperation with nursing staff and occupational therapists, the company is continuously developing its range of bathtubs to provide the most appropriate bathing solution to every specific need. Most of their bathtub configurations have no competitors. Expertise, reliability, efficiency, flexibility and design makes the difference.

Luxembourg-based cosmetics company is looking for retail distributors

13.07.2017Published 128 days ago
The company has a long experience working with professionals from the beauty sector, and provides its B2B clients with bulk top-quality products.

Training services and infrastructure for energy efficiency optimization of industrial production lines, processes and utilities (also applicable to functional buildings)

30.06.2017Published 141 days ago
Energy efficiency is nowadays a known source of cost savings in every industry and business. In order to understand the energy costs and consumption, as well as the importance of monitoring data, the Luxembourg company has developed a set of training modules for technicians and engineers from production, maintenance, energy supplies, sales, logistics and controlling. The methods and tools can be applied in any kind of activity, from industry to trade and service sector.

Embedded software for automotive networked sensors: communication interfaces

13.02.2017Published 278 days ago
With a 2500+ strong workforce, the Luxembourg company is a family-owned global supplier to the automotive and household appliance industry, with a worldwide sales structure and a manufacturing footprint in Europe, Asia and America. It has a decades-long trajectory in the field of electrical motors, actuators, heating devices and sensors, and more recently in the field of windscreen and headlamp washing systems and mechanical locks.

Distributors and agents sought in France and Switzerland for anti-limescale and anti-rust water treatment system

30.08.2016Published 445 days ago
The Luxembourgish SME is the certified partner of a German technology provider. The company is selling water treatment devices for private and public sector since 3 years and is willing to expand its presence on new markets. This innovative system is used as a non-invasive process allowing to not recur to any chemical products or any saline concentrates. More specifically, it exploits the galvanic anode made of zinc alloy. The anode is enclosed in swirling chambers both upstream and downstream, thus increasing the life span of the system.

Innovative SME with new solution for the gasification of biomass is searching for general contractor for plant planning and construction

01.07.2016Published 505 days ago
The company and the product: The respective SME, located in Luxembourg, was founded as a spin-off from a European research project. Within this and other international research projects the process of syngas production by gasification of organic residues, mainly sewage sludge, compost and green cuttings, was perfected. The company has developed an innovative, highly efficient fluidised bed gasifier (pilot plant is built at the company’s facility) able to produce syngas consisting of a high share of H2, CO and CO2.

A Luxembourg biscuit manufacturer is looking for distributors in Belgium and the Netherlands

30.06.2016Published 506 days ago
A Luxembourg biscuit manufacturer is a company which does not add in the production any conservatives, flavourings, hydrogenated fat, palm oil, or aroma. Most of the ingredients come from the Greater Region (Luxembourg, Walloon Region of Belgium, Lorraine in France as well as Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany). The company's production is organised in order to support people which are facing difficulties. For five years now, the company has supplied its customers with the best quality products.

Luxembourg producer of dairy products is looking for distributors/importers

28.06.2016Published 508 days ago
The company is a farmers’ cooperative exclusively belonging to milk producers in Luxembourg. It was founded in 1894 and has 400 milk producers, 130 millions of litres collected per year and 300 employees. The company is mainly active in the production and sales/marketing of milk products as well as of ice-cream. The company has a large range of dairy products, including cream, milk, flavoured milk and yoghurts, as well as a large range of cheese products & butter (fresh cheese, cheese and butter). Its product range also includes ice-cream.