Luxembourg based SME providing engineering consultancy in ICT for smart buildings, data centers and high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure is offering to work under a service agreement.

16.04.2018Published 163 days ago
As the Luxembourg based company is totally independent of any manufacturer, they can deliver unbiased consultancy services to customers in order to provide them with the most cost effective solution between manufacturers, integrators and service providers. The multilingual team consists of 10 people, including several highly skilled engineers with long time experience in the ICT domain.

Recovery of as-new carbon fibers from waste composite materials

27.03.2018Published 183 days ago
The increasing use of carbon fiber-reinforced plastics in lightweight construction goes along with growing amounts of waste. The majority of this waste has so far been deposited or burnt, representing a massive destruction of value and environmental pollution. Efficient recovery of re-usable carbon fibers from such waste is a necessity for the future. This is why this totally new process,which allows the complete release of the fibers from the polymer matrix, has been developed by a private R&D company in Luxembourg.

Process Automation in Accounting

05.12.2017Published 295 days ago
The company is an independent company that provides corporate and management services to companies that are incorporated in Luxembourg.