A Macedonian software company, with its innovative digital solution suitable for hospitals, seeks license partners or commercial agents

26.07.2021Published 432 days ago
The Macedonian company is dealing with designing and developing software solutions for companies in different industries and primarily focuses on the development of applications in computer programming. The company delivers services, including design, testing and validation, maintenance and customer support.

A Macedonian producer of wine ice-cream is looking for distributors and commercial agents

25.06.2021Published 463 days ago
The combination of wine and ice-cream is very attractive for consumers. However, the production process of such type of ice-cream is highly complex because of the difference in freezing points (wine's freezing point varies from -13℃ to -18℃, while the basic ice-cream mixture freezes at 0℃). A Macedonian start-up company that specializes in development of innovative technological processes for the food and beverage industry has developed wine ice-cream.

A Macedonian company offers an innovative software solution for HR management to partners under commercial agency or licensing agreement

10.06.2021Published 478 days ago
The HR system is complex and requires data storage and fast access to it. Management of human capital has progressed to a complex process and can be expensive and difficult to manage and secure. Different HR management is time-consuming when performed manually. In this regard, the Macedonian software development company introduces an innovative and competitive platform for HR management. This platform is developed in five stages: business analysis, development, testing, pre-production testing and go live.

Business intelligence solution for small affiliate marketing companies

01.06.2021Published 487 days ago
Affiliate marketing is a data driven industry, so proper data analysis and visualization are the key for success. In order to properly optimize their campaigns, affiliate businesses usually use multiple business intelligence (BI) platforms leading to late decision making and profit loss. On the other hand, existing BI software solutions require specific technical skills and higher level of knowledge on the use on their more advanced features which most of the smaller affiliate marketing companies do not possess.

A Macedonian company offering a wide range of graphic design and printing solutions seeks partners under subcontracting agreement

31.05.2021Published 488 days ago
The Macedonian graphic design company was founded in 1992 and since its beginning it has been committed to consistent investments, which have contributed to its growth and development. The company offers complete graphic design and printing solutions for different organizations through offset printing and a variety of post-printing techniques.

A Macedonian company producing and trading cured meat products is looking for partners to establish distribution agreement

17.05.2021Published 502 days ago
The Macedonian company traces its roots and initial activity in 1972, and was officially established as an independent legal entity in 1978 that specialized in cured meat production, but also dealt with food and tobacco products distribution. With over 40 years of existence on the domestic and the regional market, it now has its own production capacities for different food products, predominantly cured meat, as well an extensive distribution network for its own-branded lines.

A Macedonian printing company offering a full range of printing solutions for various materials seeks outsourcing and subcontracting partners.

27.04.2021Published 522 days ago
The Macedonian printing company was founded in 1993 with a primary goal to meet the increasingly complex requirements of the customers from the Macedonian market and the region as well, for books with high quality of workmanship and different types of binding.

A Macedonian producer of stainless steel products and solutions seeks distribution and outsourcing opportunities

20.04.2021Published 529 days ago
Founded in 1949, the Macedonian company has gradually diversified its line of work and relying on its experience that now exceeds 70 years, has grown to be the region’s recognizable brand representing reliability and tradition.

Macedonian producer of refractory products is looking for distributors or agents via distribution services agreement and/or commercial agency agreement

14.04.2021Published 535 days ago
Established in 1949 and privatized in 2004, with approximately 130 employees, the Macedonian company is one of the leading refractory (heat resistant) materials providers in North Macedonia and the region. Besides on the domestic market, they are also present on the markets of the Balkan countries, as well as Russia, Ukraine, and the EU countries, The factory has significantly developed by expanding the range of products and increasing production levels by incorporating modern production techniques.

Company from North Macedonia is looking for distributors of frozen fruits and vegetables

07.04.2021Published 542 days ago
The Macedonian company was established in 2007.