Macedonian family company with a long tradition in the production and trade of fruits and vegetables offers promotion and sale on its products on foreign markets under distribution services agreements

27.02.2018Published 1677 days ago
The Macedonian company deals with production, purchase, calibration and packaging of fruits and vegetables and placing on the domestic as well as on foreign markets. The fertile soil and clean ecological environment enable the production of environmentally clean and healthy agricultural and fruit garden crops, as a result of the large number of 240 sunny days in the year with an annual sum of 2392 hours of sunbathing, that enable successful production of many horticultural crops. Over the years, the company has gained many years of experience in the production and procurement of fruits and veg

An intelligent speed bump solution for traffic calming

26.09.2017Published 1831 days ago
Since their introduction the traditional speed bumps have been the main tool used by the traffic engineers for limiting the driving speed, particularly in the vulnerable traffic areas. Traditional speed bumps do work, but they also raise considerable safety and cost-related issues, including potential injuries of the passengers, adverse effects on the buses and damages to the overpassing vehicles. Additionally, the traditional speed bumps force vehicles to repeatedly slow down and speed up, which almost doubles the amount of the exhaust gasses and have high impact on the fuel consumption.

An online billing and invoicing platform for SMEs

31.07.2017Published 1888 days ago
Many SMEs face growth challenges due to their limited ability to hire quality human resources and are usually trying to combine several processes into one position. Regular payments are also common issue and SMEs spend a lot of time handling outstanding payments that leads to inability to effectively manage their operations, including cash flow forecasting. A Macedonian software company has developed an online invoicing and payment platform that addresses the afore-mentioned challenges. The software solution enables SMEs to send, track and manage invoices effectively.

A Macedonian producer of cosmetic clay products is looking for trade agents for commercial agency and distribution services agreement

18.07.2017Published 1901 days ago
A Macedonian natural cosmetics producer is specialised in the manufacturing of blue clay products. The company has been working for many years on transforming its handcraft manufacturing into small-scale industrial production launched in 2010. Currently, the sales efforts are mainly focused on the national and neighbouring markets. The production facility is located in the country’s capital enabling access to the main transportation routes whereas the raw materials are collected from environmentally clean areas.