Innovative Norwegian bicycle tyre company, looking for bicycle manufacturers, bike brands, or retailers for bike-equipment and tyres

17.08.2020Published 33 days ago
The Norwegian bicycle tyre company develops and commercializes excellent, innovative, and user-friendly modular tyre products for European and North American markets, focused towards e-bikes and commuters. The invention consists of a slick base tyre, featuring their patented zip-on technology on the side of the tyre's wall, that is interchangeable with the tyre treads. The products are designed to handle all types of weather and road conditions, which the user can choose depending on the needs.

Norwegian biotech company offering technology for highly oxygenated beverages seeks partners in the beverage sector for licensing agreement or services agreement with technical assistance

15.10.2019Published 340 days ago
The Norwegian biotech company has researched , developed and patented their unique technology of highly oxygenated liquids for more than 10 years. The SME are searching for suitable partners that are looking for an innovative market position within functional beverages. The patented oxygenation technology is a machine for oxygenating liquid, including water. The technology makes it feasible to dissolve oxygen in water up to 10 times more than what is found in water at equilibrium/regular spring water.

Norwegian SME requests production partner with skills in stainless steel products, welding, electrolytic polishing, watercutting, lasercutting, machining, mounting under manufacturing agreement

11.03.2019Published 557 days ago
The lifting equipment is very easy to use. It quickly lifts the dinghys/waterjet on board yachts above 30 feet. A dinghy is a type of small boat, often carried or towed for use as a ship's boat by a larger vessel. The lift is easy mounted onto the boat as well as easy and safe to use. The Norwegian SME is looking for a highly skilled production company experienced in stainless steel products, welding, bending pipes, machining, electrolytic polishing, watercutting, lasercutting, mounting and packaging.

Norwegian design company seeks stainless-steel manufacturer of kitchenware with high level of workmanship for production of finished kettles

14.11.2018Published 674 days ago
A Norwegian brand name company designs and produces a high-end coffee kettle made of 304 stainless steel. The kettle is on the market today. It is sold in stores in Europe, Asia, US, Africa and South Americas as well as through online stores. The company is now searching for a new stainless-steel manufacturing partner for the kettle in markets in proximity to Norway. The production partner is expected to produce in the same materials which are used in the production today: Stainless Steel 304 (body and spout) and 430 (bottom) for use on induction hobs.