Hydro turbine production partner sought by Norwegian company

19.02.2018Published 91 days ago
The Norwegian company develops an innovative technological solution for energy recovery for ships. The technology enables ships to save otherwise lost kinetic energy. Through these savings, the ships are not only able to save on fuel usage, but also save the environment. The company is presently in the phase of testing the first prototype, and preparing for production before being installed on a local ship. Each installation will require custom made turbines which will involve an initial inspection of the ship to determine the specifications of the equipment and the potential energy savings.

Norwegian Cashmere producer in search of agents/distributors in Finland, Germany, Benelux, Austria, Switzerland

20.04.2017Published 396 days ago
This knitwear company offers original, exclusive designs and classic-style garments and home items in 100%, finest- quality cashmere. The company encompasses two brands: brand A, established in 2001, which is sold in high-end retail outlets throughout Scandinavia, and brand B, established in 2013, which is sold online in Norway. Both brands feature a Scandinavian influenced classic-modern design. All of their products are made of only the finest 100% pure cashmere. Brand A presents two collections each year: spring/summer and fall/winter.

New sales tool for electro-engineering businesses seeks distributors in Denmark and Sweden

21.05.2016Published 730 days ago
The Norwegian inventors with maritime industry and IT background have developed a very cost-efficient, user-friendly software tool for smaller electro engineering and plumbing businesses. The software is a pre-engineering and sales tool already on the market in several countries. The software tool enables plotting of technical illustrations onto a construction plan (typical PDF, jpeg, png file.) The tool makes it easy to count, visualize and perform pre-engineering already in the sales process with the customer of the electro or plumbing company.