Portuguese designer of handmade, ‘upcycling’ interior design products seeks distributors, retailers and sales agents in Europe

07.03.2018Published 14 days ago
The Portuguese company established in 2017 stands out from the competition because they design and manufacture designer pieces that can be used in daily life, combining disposable fabrics and ancient techniques and integrating practical products into an interior. The company is determined to reinterpret the disposable, allying the ancient textile techniques from looms and needles with the creative reuse of materials that once were considered ‘disposable’. These unique design pieces are handmade and nearly 100% energy consumption free. They have been successful in selling their products to cons

The Portuguese company is looking for partner to develop a new company under a joint venture agreement

28.02.2018Published 21 days ago
The Portuguese company is specialized in the manufacture of pressure vessels, tanks and other cylindrical vessels. They have an engineering team well prepared to develop any different vessel, as well as different design software. This partnership will start with the creation of a new company. They will provide free warehouses to develop all the equipment's installations. They are looking to develop in partnership suction/pressure tanks for collecting and transporting residues under a joint venture agreement.

Portuguese Research Center is looking for partners for PRIMA project within the topic water reuse and water desalination for agricultural and food production

22.02.2018Published 27 days ago
The reuse of wastewater is one of the main options available for water-supply decision-makers in the field of a sustainable water and soil management, of agro-food chain production and agriculture. However, in the Mediterranean, water reuse faces numerous barriers. Among them, regulatory, safety risks, economic including energy concerns and social acceptance can be currently defined as the main barriers.

A Portuguese company is looking for new partners, offering solutions for agriculture and water networks, for commercial agency agreement.

05.02.2018Published 44 days ago
The Portuguese SME has ten years of experience in projects for different industries, namely for agriculture and water networks, including the initial diagnosis, the presentation of solutions and their cost estimation, the economic viability analysis / return of investment, search of financing support, installation and implementation services, follow up of running activities according to clients needs.

Company of interactive books and videos-games seeks partners for distribution in international markets.

30.01.2018Published 50 days ago
The Portuguese company produces digital interactive books and video-games for children and is looking for partners focused on digital business and work with digital platforms and stores to distribute and promote their products in the digital markets around the world. All the products are translated into three languages: Portuguese, English and Mandarin. The company has a global marketing and advertising strategy that can be discussed and adapted to each market, with the local partners they are looking for.

Portuguese engineering company offers its services in electronics area

29.11.2017Published 112 days ago
Portuguese company based in Aveiro active in the development and electronic production of effective and efficient technological solutions would like to expand its activity to foreign markets. This company is young but has a high expertise and experience in electronic and mechanical engineering and design. The company is engaged in the below areas: Electronics: - designing, welding and developing PCB’s - programming microcontrollers - embedded systems and electronic solutions - automating projects and monitoring - sensors for opening doors Design: - product design and prototyping - design and i

Portuguese company seeks new partners offering energy efficiency distinctive solutions to establish commercial agency agreement

02.11.2017Published 139 days ago
The Portuguese SME has nine years of experience in project work in environmental and energy projects, which includes the initial diagnosis, the presentation of solutions and their cost estimation, the economic viability analysis / return of investment, search of financing support, installation and implementation services, follow up of running activities according to clients needs.

Portuguese incoming travel agency is looking for partners to sell its products and services abroad under commercial agency agreements

31.10.2017Published 141 days ago
Established in 1980, this Portuguese company from Madeira Island is an incoming travel agency and destination management company (DMC) that offers in the island a full range of services, which includes travel arrangements, accommodation, events, outdoor activities, excursions and meals, covering every aspect required. The company has a very experienced, creative and multilingual staff. The fame of Madeira Island as a tourist destination has been increasing, being much appreciated for: the pleasant climate all year (sun and mild temperatures); the magnificent green mountains; the cosmopolitan b

A Portuguese non-profit R&D organization offers modular and distributed weather/abiotic sensing based on a wireless network for precision agriculture, focused in viticulture.

30.10.2017Published 142 days ago
An RTD institution focused on technology transfer in the areas of electronics, automation, robotics and instrumentation is offering a licensing agreement or technical cooperation agreement for a solution that uses wireless monitoring for precision agriculture. The RTD team has been working in precision agriculture in national and European projects for more than 10 years. The offered system is a solution based in a wireless sensor network (WSN) that allows for the detailed monitoring of abiotic parameters covering the entire length of the vineyard.

Portuguese cooperative producer of pineapples is looking for trade intermediaries

17.10.2017Published 155 days ago
The Portuguese Cooperative, located on the island of São Miguel produces and comercializes pineapples of the Azores, The pineapples are organic. During the production no herbicides, fertilizers or pesticides are used, as well any genetically modified seeds or synthetic chemical additives. The Cooperative company now has 207 members, 173 of which producers of Pineapple of the Azores, which total 1353 greenhouses and make up a production area of 34 hectares. The Pineapple of the Azores / S. Miguel (Ananas comosus L.