Molecular Sensing Method Based on Luminescence Modulation through Specific Nanoparticle Heating

13.07.2016Published 653 days ago
This invention represents a molecular sensing method (for detecting and quantifying molecular interactions) based on luminescence modulation through specific nanoparticle heating. The method takes advantage of the local, specific and nanometric heating around nanoparticles to detect the effect of temperature on luminescent species. The mechanism can be applied to the detection of any molecule of interest (for example, protein) having at least one recognition entity (antibodies for instance).

Advanced technology for non-destructive inspection of reinforced concrete structures offered under services agreement

26.05.2016Published 701 days ago
The Argentine company has important patents in its portfolio. It has successfully completed non-destructive testing of over 1000 public and private structures such as bridges, buildings, piers, historic buildings/monuments etc. RCT has been applied in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Portugal, Chile and the UK.

Cognitive performance evaluation

23.05.2016Published 704 days ago
A research institution from Argentina has developed a technology consisting in a cognition performance evaluation for detection of mild cognitive impairment (identification of neurodegenerative diseases). The invention comprises a device that allows an accurate evaluation of cognitive performance of a person. It has an eye-tracking module and process information obtained during the execution of specific tasks.