Patented Danish technology against flooding caused by heavy rain offered for distribution

07.03.2019Published 930 days ago
The company was founded in 2004 in Northern Denmark, originally manufacturing nozzles for cleaning sewer pipes and rain water pipes. In 2012, the company started developing a new type of flap gates for these pipes based on the company's previous experience within the field and new innovative ideas. At the time of writing, the company has provided solutions based on the unique flap gates for 19 Danish cities and towns, including multiple solutions for the capital region.

Danish company seeks supplier of organic nuts

04.10.2018Published 1084 days ago
The Danish import and retail company was established in 2014 and specialises in organic foods, targeting Danish consumers directly. The company focuses on high quality and fair prices and has a focus on environment and personal health. The company has built a customer base by selling high quality olive oil and is now looking to expand their product range with different types of organic nuts.

Award-winning hand brewed Danish beer with novel flavours offered for distribution

03.08.2017Published 1511 days ago
The Danish brewery was founded in 2011, as a result of a merger of two long-standing breweries with two experienced brewmasters running the new business. They experiment with new brewing techniques and flavour combinations, all the while still hand-brewing their whole collection, and have gained a lot of interest in the national market. After having several years of profitable earnings, they plan to start expanding beyond Denmark, with the goal to generate at least 35% of turnover from export from the second half of 2017 onwards. They produce two series of beer: 1. The numbered series: a.

Danish clean-tech company seeks distributors for a novel whole-room disinfection robot

26.07.2017Published 1519 days ago
Copenhagen and the Metropolitan University College are two of the science-knowledge partners of the company. They do their research and development work in Copenhagen, while the robot is manufactured in Sweden. The robot is currently sold in Qatar, Turkey and the UK to private clinics or certified partners. They provide the market with the following: - clean air solutions for polluting industries - systems to improve the air quality in indoor environment - disinfection technology to totally kill dangerous viruses, bacteria and fungi.