Japan developed anti-loosening bolt technology offered under licensing agreement

18.07.2019Published 595 days ago
A Japanese company established in 1939 that produces thread rolling machines is looking to license out their anti-loosening bolt technology which provides a loosening-resistant alternative to standard bolts currently on the market. The bolt prevents excessive loosening that occurs due to factors such as vibration, which is a common issue with regular bolts leading to them requiring a large amount of maintenance. This constant need for upkeep leads to a higher chance of human errors.

A Japanese manufacturer of cost-efficient residual and surface stress testing instruments is looking for commercial agents and distribution partners in the EU

20.06.2019Published 623 days ago
A Japanese company established in Tokyo in 1966 who is a manufacturer of optical instruments is seeking partners in the EU to expand further into the region after a long time presence in Germany. The company produces non-destructive testing instruments for transparent materials such as glass or plastics that measure their residual or surface stress. Their target markets are manufacturers of glass, optical lenses, plastics, and thin film etc.

A Japanese manufacturer of conveyor systems is looking for sales agents in the EU

15.04.2019Published 689 days ago
A Japanese equipment manufacturing company is seeking sales agents in the EU. The company manufactures conveyor systems used in the production of daily goods such as food, bottles, kitchenware, medicine and more. The company has been producing this machinery bespoke to customers’ wishes for more than 20 years.

Japanese electronic components manufacturer specialised in miniaturised potentiometers, joysticks and slip rings seeks commercial agents

22.03.2019Published 713 days ago
With over 30 years of overseas business experience the company would like to establish new sales channels all over the EU, and reach potential customers through new commercial agents.

Japanese company offers importer and exporter of record services to EU companies working with Japan under outsourcing agreement

20.03.2019Published 715 days ago
The company has provided importer of record (IOR) / exporter of record (EOR) services for over 100 overseas clients based in Australia, the US, South Africa and Asian countries. Through these services, the company conducts trade that involves transfer of various goods. In case of the IOR service, the company becomes an importer in Japan and offer support to the companies which wish to enter the Japanese market. The company conducts shipment of the goods to the end users in Japan, thus the clients are able to receive direct orders from the product end-users in Japan.

A Japanese manufacturer of gas atomization devices and metal powders offers services agreements targeting France and Germany

13.03.2019Published 722 days ago
Established in 1952, the Japanese company is specialised in machinery predominantly used for the production of non-equilibrium metal materials, such as metal powders. They have extensive experience in vacuum technologies, temperature control (rapid cooling), and motion mechanisms. The company is offering order-made manufacturing services for: - metal powders / ribbons; - gas atomization devices that can produce metal powders The metal powders are produced using alloys specified by the client.

A Japanese company developed a multi-functional organic matter disposal device and is looking for EU distributors and sales agents

01.03.2019Published 734 days ago
A Japanese company specialised in sub-critical water reaction equipment is looking for EU distributors to support the access in the EU market of its multi-functional organic matter disposal device. The device is capable of completely processing flammable waste into feed, fertilizer, compost, bio-gas, soil conditioner etc. by means of adjusting temperature and pressure which causes hydrolysis reactions to occur. The device is the only multi-functional processing equipment in the world capable of processing both plastics and organic waste.

A Japanese company is seeking 3D printing technology for building constructions to distribute in Japan

14.02.2019Published 749 days ago
Established in 2002, the Japanese company specializes in both finance and real-estate markets. With the cultivated knowledge on both markets, the company has engaged in services for building construction and real estate industry as well as investment advisory and consulting service on the industry. The company believes in the best integration of “people”, “real estate”, “idea” and “capital” to bring living comforts to the end users and to provide the best capital efficiency to the real estate owners.

A Japanese company is seeking animal feed distributors in the EU for its water-soluble liquid feed

14.09.2017Published 1267 days ago
The Japanese company is a leading manufacturer of chemical products for laundry service industry and garment factories. In 1999, the company advanced into the emerging field of animal nutrition and feed additives with their specialized emulsion technology that they keep on improving through working for the laundry service industry. The company has succeeded to develop a water-soluble liquid feed of MCFA (Medium Chain Fatty Acids) for poultry, which is widely effective on various types of pathogenic bacteria and reduces using antibiotics.

A Japanese manufacturer of high-end stainless-steel kitchenware is seeking distribution partner in the EU

04.09.2017Published 1277 days ago
The Japanese company specialized in stainless-steel kitchenware for high-end customers is looking for a distributor in the EU to help them expand their business in the EU. The company is based in Niigata prefecture, a region globally well-known for its stainless-steel fabrication, manufacturing of tableware and cutlery. They have been manufacturing high durable stainless-steel kitchenware and utensils, but it did not fulfill expectations of female users in their 30s-50s in terms of product design. To fulfill both durability and elegant appearance, they launched new product line-ups.