Premium food products from Cyprus are offered

08.05.2017Published 194 days ago
A Cypriot company, established in 2015, is looking for business partners to represent, promote and sell their handmade jams and other artisan food products under a distribution or commercial agency agreement. The Cypriot company is producing premium jams, apple cider vinegar and fresh tomato puree through traditional handmade methods and is supplying high-end grocery stores, supermarket chains, delicatessens and department stores across Cyprus. The company is located in the heart of Pitsilia region at Troodos Mountains.

EUROSTARS proposal: High resolution volumetric crop/harvest estimation

27.01.2017Published 295 days ago
The vegetables and fruits have planting, growing and harvesting periods in their life cycle. Their radiometric (color, spectral reflectance, etc.) and geometric (dimension, height, etc.) properties at the planting and especially at the growing periods bear meaningful information about their future condition at the final harvesting period. The project will utilise this fact by monitoring the greengrocery farms in the spatiotemporal domain.

Mechanism for converting a reciprocating linear movement to a unidirectional circular continuous movement

13.01.2017Published 309 days ago
The mechanism converts a reciprocating linear movement to a unidirectional circular continuous movement. The mechanism components are simple in their design and manufacture which can be beneficial in terms of costs of manufacture and utilisation. The mechanism can be scaled up or down according to the specific needs of each application and can also be combined with existing engines driving a single shaft or combined with other mechanisms to take advantage of different motion/ energy sources. A variety of driving and energy forces is compatible and can be used to drive the shafts.

Investors in an innovative software platform are requested by a Cypriot startup company

26.09.2016Published 418 days ago
The Cypriot company, which was established in 2016, provides educational support activities through a software platform. The platform can match users based on educational needs. Users from any country can select what they are studying the current moment and the platform is able to show them who else in the world is studying the same thing so that they can study together through this software platform. The platform also provides camera services for the interaction between the users. Further, the platform has a compulsory rating system.

Distributors for cosmetics are requested by a Cypriot company

15.09.2016Published 429 days ago
The Cypriot company, which was established in 2012, is the official representative of an American cosmetic brand in Europe. The company represents all kinds of cosmetics such as eyelash and eyebrow conditioners, lip gloss, mascaras etc. The company distributes these cosmetic products mainly through wholesalers, salons and spas, beauty professionals as well as beauty supply chains. It also works with mass retailers that sell directly to consumers. The American brand’ s products have gained many international awards for the best product and readers choice in 2014 and 2015.

Producers of firewood, pellets, briquettes and charcoals are requested by a Cypriot importer for manufacturing as well as distribution services agreement.

02.08.2016Published 473 days ago
The Cypriot company imports and distributes firewood to supermarkets and convenience stores since 2012. Also, the company sells firewood directly to consumers. Due to high levels of demand, the Cypriot company is looking for producers of firewood, pellets, briquettes and charcoals mainly from Balkan countries in order to act as a distributor and sell their products in Cyprus. Further, the company is seeking producers of the above mentioned products offering private labeling, because the Cypriot company is interested in selling these products with its own label in the local market.

Cypriot pharmaceutical company offers its innovative medicines and laboratory services to potential partners worldwide

27.07.2016Published 479 days ago
The Cypriot company develops and produces a whole range of innovative pharmaceutical products, based on its extensive in-house research on the human microbiome. Today, the company’s medicines portfolio includes a number of inventions that can replace current standards in the field of metabolic and infectious diseases by improving treatment safety and prevent chronic diseases. These inventions are at different development stages from pre-clinical to commercialized patented products with proven track record.

Cypriot household detergent manufacturer seeks partners.

23.06.2016Published 513 days ago
The Cypriot company, which was established in 2003, manufactures detergents and other cleaning products and tools for household and professional use. Detergent products include floor cleaners, bath cleaners, bleach for household use, laundry detergents (washing powders in solid and liquid form), textile/fabric softeners, dish-washing liquids, hard-surface cleaners, glass/window cleaners, multi-purpose cleaners and toilet cleaners. The company’s cleaning products and tools include toilet and kitchen paper, facial tissue, napkins, pocket tissues, floor mops and brooms, cleaning sponges, dust c

Polyurethane foam products are provided by a Cypriot manufacturer

22.06.2016Published 514 days ago
The Cypriot company, which was established in 2008, manufactures both flexible and rigid types of polyurethane foam products. In particular, the company produces polyurethane foam for: • kitchen and bath sponges • upholstery • bedding • automotive and truck seating • for appliances (inside the metal and plastic walls of most refrigerators and freezers) • packaging (i.e.

Agents to promote wine tours are requested by a Cypriot wine producer company

16.06.2016Published 520 days ago
A Cypriot wine company, established in 2004, owns a wine museum in Cyprus. Company’s wine products have the brand of its wine museum. The brand of the company has been registered as a trademark, having all the necessary certificates. The company’s wine museum, located in the birthplace of wine with exhibits of 55 centuries, has established a museum educational travel program focused on wine making in Cyprus. The museum is targeting on wine lovers and tourists in general who are interested in the wine making history and the exploration of new wine varieties.