An Estonian 3D rendering studio is offering 3D animation and visualization services

02.02.2018Published 47 days ago
The Estonian company is specializing in real estate visualization and animation: exterior/interior visualization, interior design, 3D plans, VR (virtual reality), animation and 360 degrees panoramas. The team of designers and computer graphic artists based in Tallinn, Estonia have been working with customers all over the world for more than 8 years. The customers are leading architectural and designer bureaus, real estate developers, construction companies and production manufacturing companies in Estonia.

An Estonian manufacturer in a field of DIY (do it yourself) is offering distinctive timber buildings and garden pavilions and is looking for exclusive agent or distributor

31.01.2018Published 49 days ago
They started in 2016 in Tartu County, Estonia when the construction of the new building with design studio, development department and production area was completed. They produce very special high standard, distinctive from mass production timber buildings for gardens and public usages: pavilions, small houses, sheds, shelters, corner cabins, children playground, etc. They use curves in their designs which have great structural properties and ensure more natural fit. All garden houses and shelters are designed by a qualified team of designers.

An Estonian manufacturer of building-integrated solar panels is looking for distributors

03.01.2018Published 77 days ago
An Estonian manufacturer of building-integrated solar panels is looking for distributors in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, France and United Kingdom. They started in 2015 with a simple idea in mind- what are the possibilities for modernizing rooftop solar solutions and creating positive synergy with existing traditional roofing materials? Market-ready modules were produced after a 1-year R&D process. Their modules can be retrofitted onto an existing or a new tiled roof. One module replaces maximum 7 regular concrete or clay tiles depending on the type of tile.

An Estonian spectroscopy company is looking for partners for H2020-EIC-SMEInst-2018-2020 SME-2 SME instrument phase 2

28.12.2017Published 83 days ago
The Estonian company has been manufacturing Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy instruments since 1991. The company’s instruments have been used in many fields and applications, including analytical chemistry, food, environment, biomedical and academic research. During these years, the company has been engaged in the development of infrared and near-infrared Fourier transform (FTIR) spectrometers for laboratory as well as for field use.

An Estonian clothing manufacturer that specializes and offers a wide selection of men's and boy's dress shirts is looking for distributors and agents

12.12.2017Published 99 days ago
The Estonian company offers a wide selection of men's and boy's dress shirts. All production takes place in Tallinn and each shirt is a product of 80 years of shirt manufacturing experience and Northern quality. The history of the brand begins in 1933, when it was first established in Finland. The company has been growing and developing in Estonia for the past 22 years and has gone through a lot of changes. When they started, it was directed at larger men who prefer classic patterns and only straight cuts.

An Estonian company in the field of manufacturing profiled and sheet metal products is offering itself as a subcontractor

06.12.2017Published 105 days ago
An Estonian company in the field of manufacturing profiled and sheet metal products is looking for subcontracting opportunities in Scandinavia, UK and Germany. The company specializes in the production of custom-made serial and individual metal products.

An Estonian software company is offering predictive analytics for process optimization in the electronics manufacturing industry through service agreements.

17.11.2017Published 124 days ago
The Estonian SME has 24 years of experience in design and development of cutting edge industrial software. The company implements Industry 4.0. principles in building software that facilitates and optimizes electronics manufacturing. With the help of predictive analytics, in-house built tools and algorithms the company has developed cost saving solutions in HVAC, electronics manufacturing and other industries. The company is offering its solution targeted towards the discrete manufacturing (e.g. electronics or any other itemised production) industry.

An Estonian civil engineering company is looking for partners to introduce their high quality reasonably priced prefabricated a-frame house kits.

13.11.2017Published 128 days ago
An Estonia company operates in construction of residential and non-residential buildings sector. They are producing A-frame prefabricated home kits, which are up to 30% cheaper to build than the traditional houses. A-frame houses are designed to last in extreme conditions. For example it can stand earthquakes since the center of gravity is in the middle. The houses can stand very snowy conditions - because of the roof angle, the snow will fall off. Through long product development process the company has created 11 house models.

Heavy metal ion and radioactive element extraction from water developed by an Estonian research group

06.11.2017Published 135 days ago
Clean water is a necessity, yet according to WHO, 844 million people do not have access to clean drinking water. The major culprit for water-related health problems are heavy metals, which may cause nausea, hyperpigmentation, sterility, cancer and even death. The second large problem is radioactive elements found in water. In 2008, Goldmnn Sach’s estimated the water purification market to be €425 Billion with a long-term growth of 4-6% pa. However, there are no cost effective and efficient methods to extract heavy metal ions from drinking water today.

An Estonian IT company is looking for companies with connections in education system that want to represent their learning management platform for school system

25.10.2017Published 147 days ago
An Estonian IT company, that delivers different software projects all over the world through local partnerships has created a new innovative solution, that is a modern and powerful learning management platform for students, parents, and teachers. The platform is a full-featured electronic version of a school diary. It is an easy to use web and mobile tool for managing educational processes in schools. The platform has three types of user interface - all in one solution.