A Finnish SME is looking for distributors and agents for their fuel-saving lubrication additive

22.12.2021Published 944 days ago
The Finnish SME, established in 2010, produces and sells lubrication additives for engines and power plant turbines. The company's mission is to reduce global fuel consumption and emissions, and make a massive impact on the environment. The company has activities both in Finland and Sweden and they have distributors in few countries in Europe and Middle East. However, their network doesn't cover the market potential very well yet and new partners are welcome.

Finnish art and design artist is searching distributors for childrens' clothing fabric

20.12.2021Published 946 days ago
The Finnish artist and designer is designing sensitive and delicate nature and animal themed cards, posters, fabrics, paintings and even murals as a comission. The inspiration comes usually from the nature and she uses themes like cats, horses, pandas, bambies, birds, wood etc, in her art. Painting, drawing and designing is her passion. Her expertise is in photorealistic, photoaccurate technic. She has established her company in 2009 and is selling the products in her shop, online store and through many distributors. Her fabrics are exported to Norway, Sweden, Estonia and Belgium.

Finnish company designing and manufacturing mountain bikes are looking for European manufacturer of mountain bike frames made of either steel, titanium or aluminium

09.12.2021Published 957 days ago
The company story dates back to 2006 when a group of friends, over a beer after a great week of riding, came up with an idea of starting a bike company together. They have known each other since they were kids and been riding mountain bikes together since the early 1990's. Over the years they've ridden just about every kind of mountain bike there is. They wanted to develop the bike also for other riders to enjoy. All their titanium frames and forks are designed in Finland and manufactured mainly in China.

A Finnish company specialized in high quality solid wood products for interior and outdoor design is looking for agents, retailers and wholesalers in Europe

08.12.2021Published 958 days ago
The Finnish solid wood product company is a family business and was established in 1948. The company has over 300 retailers in the domestic market. They have modern planing and painting lines and they appreciate long-term customer and supplier relationships. The company's product range includes different wood species. Siberian larch deck and outdoor cladding endures even the most challenging weather conditions without any treatment. This is the company's most popular product and they have years' experience of it. Finnish spruce and pine are top quality.

Finnish software SME specialised in database performance monitoring is looking for integration partners for commercial agreements with technical assistance

04.11.2021Published 992 days ago
The Finnish software company has developed an automated tool that helps eliminate software project delays. Over the decades, software technologies have gained popularity due to continued technological advancements in software development. Nowadays, the entire world is connected to several software applications pertaining to healthcare, lifestyle, accounting, reservation, banking, e-commerce, wellness application and the like. The world is evolving at a rapid pace, and the software applications are being designed and improved to match trends in such evolution.

Finnish company producing artisan ice cream with alcohol content is looking for distributors in European and Japanese markets

03.11.2021Published 993 days ago
The Finnish artisan ice cream company was established in 2016 with the idea of something quite unique in the market: ice cream with alcohol content. The idea came true in 2018, when Finnish Alcohol Act has changed and producing alcohol ice cream has become legal. The emphasis is not only on the flavors of the liqueurs from Finnish breweries but also the quality of fresh locally sourced ingredients: milk and cream. The investment in the quality shows in the pure and rich taste. The product is available in four flavors, honey rum, whisky coffee, licorice and sweet pears.

Finnish company with an intelligent indoor air quality management solution is looking for European distribution partners

28.10.2021Published 999 days ago
Established in 1977, the Finnish company has a long history of delivering heating, energy management and intelligent ventilation solutions to buildings. With the technology they have developed, the company can optimize old buildings and their ventilation solutions to meet current and future energy efficiency requirements. The company's solution attaches to any rooftop fan or HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) machine, adapting the ventilation automatically with smart algorithms. All data is sent via a 4G network to the cloud platform.

Distributors, agents, EPC contractors, owner’s engineer companies and subcontractors sought for innovative fully automated sampler robots for biomass, pulp, concentrate and other solid and granular materials

26.10.2021Published 1001 days ago
The Finnish company has developed a fully automated solution, which renews raw material quality controlling at biomass power plants, pulp mills and bio refineries and also at many other industries where annually hundreds of thousands of tons of solid material is handled. The sampler is a unique solution (EPO patent) that takes quality management of solid materials to the next level. The sampler enables fast and reliable sampling directly from each arriving truck load or train wagon before unloading and it works for all crushed materials.

Finnish company producing exquisite care products for horses is looking for partners under a distribution services agreement.

22.10.2021Published 1005 days ago
This Finnish company is producing exquisite care products for horses. The products are made locally in the Finnish countryside with the local raw material. Woolen pads are made of Finnish sheep wool taking advantage of wool´s natural ingredients. These woolen pads improve horses´ blood circulation and reduce swelling naturally and effectively and they can be used to prevent injuries or treat horses with different kind of leg problems or simply to protect them during transportation or other shorter period.

Finnish company with a beverage concentrate innovation is looking for a financial, joint venture, license or manufacturing agreement partner with a brand name in beverage business.

29.09.2021Published 1028 days ago
The company was established in 1992. It has helped more than 100 new startups to get in business and made some inventions of its own. The company has lately helped another company in the beverage business and during that time this new invention has been developed. The invention is a beverage concentrate with alcohol packed and pressurized with carbon dioxide gas into an aerosol can. A glass of cold water can be turned into a hard seltzer by spraying a shot from the can into the water. About 2 liters of 5% drink (6 ordinary drinks) can be made with a small 150ml aerosol can.