A Chilean boutique winery is looking for distributors in Europe for its quality organic wines

18.10.2021Published 45 days ago
The company is a Chilean boutique- family built- winery created in 2005, with many years of experience in producing wines. It is in Maipo Paine Valley, an area that it is only 45km from Santiago. The purpose of the company is to produce small batches of high-quality wine. The owned cellar is underground, dug within the rocks, which creates perfect conditions for all year-round maintenance of a constant temperature, suitable for aging high-quality wine. The wine is aged in French and American oak barrels. This kind of wine have special characteristics.

Chilean company in the field of energy is looking for inductive charging providers in electric cars

03.08.2021Published 121 days ago
The company´s main purpose is to contribute with the best energy to the future of the region. With the aim of offering news alternatives of energy in Chile, the company is looking for European partners who are developing technology of inductive charging system to electric cars. The potential type of cooperation sought is in the framework of a commercial agreement with technical assistance. The Chilean company is an electric power generation company, with Chilean capital, with more than 40 years of experience.

Chilean company is looking for a commercial partner in Europe for an innovative product: oil and cream of worm as regenerator.

30.06.2021Published 155 days ago
The Chilean family owned the company with 2 years of experience in the hand-made cosmetics, specializes mainly in the manufacturing of natural worm oil and cream without fixatives, preservatives or parabens. The production is based on traditional methods, i.e. only natural raw materials are used. Cosmetics are made from vegetable oils, some of which are produced by the manufacturer itself. The company has the know-how to produce excellent quality products.

Chilean company inserted in the market of water free transportable ecologic toilets is seeking a partner across Europe for commercial agreement.

24.05.2021Published 192 days ago
The Chilean company offers an opportunity to profit with integrity, make an impact in nature and society for future generations, with a market as big as South America with enough power applied, and a product which demand is under the code of essential for life. The sustainable toilets have been in the market for 6 years. The company has already two operation centres in Chile, in Copiapo and Puertecillo.

A Chilean company that designs and produces sustainable sneakers is looking for partners for distribution services and manufacturing agreements in Europe

21.04.2021Published 225 days ago
This is a Chilean start-up company with two years of experience in the fashion and textile sector whose model is based on the circular economy, reuse and salvage of materials. The company’s reputation is built on its original style, business ethics and values. The production system blends artisanal technics and modern equipment, which results in high quality standards and exclusive products. The company is able to produce small batches on-demand and the whole production is carried out 100% in Chile, at the company’s own premises.

Chilean refill/reuse platform for products is looking for partners for license agreements or franchising in the Netherlands, Germany, UK and France to implement its reusable packaging distribution system

27.01.2021Published 309 days ago
The Chilean company is dedicated to dispensing products in smart reusable packaging. The consumers deposit funds into the company`s app, via credit card, bank cards or fintech providers. Next, using their packaging as a wallet technology, funds can be deducted as consumers purchase products-via communication between their smart packaging and their IoT connected dispensers. The system enables the customers to purchase exactly how much product they desire while paying the same per-unit-price, regardless of the quantity of the product purchased.