An Indian company engaged in the trading of paper is looking for suppliers of surplus stock lot in reel form through commercial agency or distribution services agreement

06.12.2017Published 344 days ago
Established in 2007, the Indian company is an independent paper trading company and has been in paper trading for more than 10 years. It initially carried sole distributorship of surplus stock lot of major domestic paper mills. As a trading company, it is in a position to always provide the latest information collected in house for its customers and also conduct market expansion activities for its suppliers. To meet the challenges of global economy, the company has restructured its operations to be more lean and flexible organisation with distinct leadership and entrepreneurial culture.

An Indian plastic and metal part manufacturing company is looking for manufacturing opportunities of injection moulded parts and components with assemblies and post moulding operations under manufacturing agreement.

06.01.2017Published 678 days ago
An Indian company is engaged in the manufacturing of all types of plastic and metal parts or combined parts since 1998. The company provides one-stop outsourcing service for customized plastic products manufacture right from design, component sourcing, manufacturing, automation, decoration, packaging, final fulfillment and even distribution. The company offers their knowledge, experience and expertise in plastic injection moulding to meet the customer’s technical requirements. Its complex plastic parts which are replacement of the metal parts can function in high temperature and friction.