The South Korean manufacturer of car kids seat’s footrest is looking for European partners under commercial agency agreement and distribution services agreement

27.08.2018Published 963 days ago
The South Korean company was established in 2013 and has been specialized in manufacturing footrest for car seat. Its main product is a height and angle adjustable footrest for baby car seat. Kids are sitting crossed legs on the car seat or putting their feet on the armrest or the front seat. It is because the gravity pulls down their legs as much as their weight. So they unconsciously protect their knees and legs from the gravity by putting their legs somewhere. So the kids kick the front seat, sit cross-legged, and put their legs on the armrest.

Eurostars 2: A Korean company is looking for an R&D partner for the development and commercialization of innovative microorganism for removing the odor of livestock waste, making natural manure and feed

19.04.2018Published 1093 days ago
Tremendous amount of livestock waste produced every year is becoming a huge environmental and societal problem in a number of countries. A Korean company, with its innovative technology of utilizing microorganisms, found a way to instantly remove odor from livestock waste from pigs, cows, and chickens and create high-quality biological fertilizer/livestock feed without causing any harm to crops. The microorganism is mixed with the manure in the manure storage; after 24 hours, the liquidated manure is sprayed over the farm ground.