Small water turbine for installation on sluices optimally protecting aquatic ecosystems (enabling passage of fish and bed load)

13.11.2019Published 6 days ago
The current Water Framework Directive from the European Union (EU) stipulates, that running water (i.e. a river) has to be open (traversable) from the beginning to the end for fish, sediments and bed load (solid material such as stones, which is transported along with the running water). In addition, at weir systems (mainly for diversion power stations) a certain amount of residual water after the weir has to be guaranteed.

Innovative fish lift sluice - combined fish lift and lock system (which benefits both power plants and fish population)

05.11.2019Published 14 days ago
The engineering company is located in the south of Austria and has been active for more than ten years in various water-related projects and now wishes to bring its patented fish lift and lock system into new markets. Fish sluices and fish lifts are currently available on the market but as stand-alone pieces and not in combination. In situations where these state of the art solutions are not suitable, a fish lift sluice as a combination of both can be the solution. Existing fish sluices operated as locks for watercrafts offer no transportation possibility for fish.

Ongoing EUREKA project: Encryption partner needed to establish a health data platform

29.10.2019Published 21 days ago
An Austrian SME active in AI healthcare data-management is part of an ongoing EUREKA Project (project already running 1 year). The Austrian SME has notable experience in international research projects (H2020, Eurostars, EUREKA). The Austrian company is the project coordinator. Now they need to replace the second partner of the project, no other partners are involved in the project.

Austrian medical device manufacturer is looking for materials / methods / automated process for bonding of plastic parts

18.10.2019Published 32 days ago
The Austrian company is developing and manufacturing diagnostic devices for healthcare professionals. The housings of medical products have to fulfill many requirements. They have to be cleanable, chemically stable, biocompatible, optically high-grade and robust against mechanical impacts. Additionally they have to comply with the regulations of medical technologies especially concerning electrical and hygienic safety. For the different housings of the diagnostic devices, which the company is producing, various parts made of plastic have to be glued together.

PDF/graphic file analysis tool sought for conversion to machine-readable format

09.10.2019Published 41 days ago
An Austrian engineering firm is looking for a solution to facilitate information processing and the analysis of data particularly in PDF and graphic format. When for example researching a topic online, most information is contained in free formatted documents, which contain a number of different elements. In order to analyse the documents, they first need to be broken down into formal elements such as text, images, headings, tables etc. and the logical links need to be retained. Only then can the contents be interpreted by specialised, external services, e.g.

Baby care supplier seeks start-ups developing a wearable human fertility tracking device

08.10.2019Published 42 days ago
The company has been specialising in the field of day-to-day baby care for more than 40 years by developing, manufacturing and marketing childcare articles. For some product lines, they are market leader in the US, in specific EU member states as well as beyond Europe. The company seeks to expand its portfolio of childcare products with a fertility detection device and has therefore initiated a start-up scouting phase, which includes both early and later-stage start-up companies. The fertility tracker can be any kind of device indicating/predicting ovulation and/or onset of menstruation.

Novel sustainable wood composite material for light weight products for the building and/or other industries

03.10.2019Published 47 days ago
An Austrian research center has created a novel technolgy for creating high performance engineered wooden products with considerably lower weight. The new wooden product is a flexible and lightweight material, with significantly enhanced properties, which can be used for a wide range of applications in the construction and plastics industry, substituting other non-sustainable products.

Circular economy environmental solutions sought for the printing industry

17.09.2019Published 63 days ago
The Austrian company is a printing and communication company which aims to reach the highest possible standard for ecological and healthy printing. The company produces high-quality sheet-fed offset and digital printing products ranging from business cards to books. Ten years ago they started a circular economy project to develop print products that are free from harmful substances and can be returned to the biological cycle based on the Cradle to Cradle Certification Standard.

Austrian company is looking for joining techniques to bond foam or natural rubber with wood.

30.08.2019Published 81 days ago
The Austrian company is active in the field of wood processing and design. The small enterprise located in Tirol develops a yoga mat with wood application. The special odours of Swiss stone pine wood are intended to enhance the health effect of yoga and sport activities. In order to connect both materials, wood with the underlay mats, they are looking for partners that can offer a proper solution. The company is looking for an innovative process that guarantees a durable bond between the foam/rubber and wood materials.

Manufacturer of high quality wooden window and door scantlings is looking for a manufacturing or subcontracting agreement with a wooden window or door producer

29.08.2019Published 82 days ago
This SME, located in Western Austria, stands for quality and tradition. Due to its high-tech machinery and more than 30 years of experience in the domestic and European market, the company has established itself as a reliable and valued manufacturer of wooden window and door scantlings in Europe. Since its foundation in 1988, the Austrian SME has produced important components in construction industry and the residential sector.