Montenegrin company specialized in 3D printing searches for a partner to work together using the innovative technologies

24.05.2021Published 120 days ago
Montenegrin Company was founded in August 2020 in order to accelerate the implementation of the new technologies and solutions into the production process of the companies which are oriented to the wood and metal processing. The company is equipped with modern machinery including industrial FDM 3D printer, BMD Mark forged metal printer and machines for wash and sintering, 2 CNC machine (lathe and mill) and Artec 3D scanner.

Montenegrin ICT company is looking for outsourcing agreements with northern and western European companies that require their services

12.04.2021Published 162 days ago
Founded in 2010 and faced with an emerging need for all sorts of online services, the medium sized company from Montenegro gained wide experience in digital services, meeting clients’ demands with the highest quality and responsibility. That is proven through over 1000 projects in the areas of development of web and mobile platforms, design, marketing, consulting and information systems. Their team of 90+ IT professionals, designers and business development experts provide digital services in a timely and responsible manner, following the global trends in the IT industry.

Montenegrin distributor of commercial kitchen equipment seeks partners under outsourcing agreement or subcontracting

15.02.2021Published 217 days ago
Medium sized company from Montenegro, set up in 2004, is aiming to facilitate availability of commercial kitchen equipment to the local market as well as to provide its customers with the set of professional and efficient pre-sales and post-sales services. Their service starts from professional kitchen layout design taking into consideration available space and budget, investors demand, type of a restaurant and potential output of food which needs to be prepared. Next step is supply, delivery and installation of kitchen equipment at the customers’ premises.

Montenegrin company running new ski resort is seeking partners under commercial agency agreements for a win-win relationship

27.01.2021Published 236 days ago
Medium sized company with headquarters in Montenegro is in the business of managing brand new ski resort in Montenegro that was opened in winter 2020. Total appraised amount of investment is 22.000.000 €. It was named after elevation from which the six-seat cable car starts and where ski resort restaurant is located. It is equipped with six-seat cable car manufactured by Doppelmayr and its highest point is at 2035 m. From that spot, visitors can choose two trails, one - 1750 m long and categorized as a red trail and second - 2800 m long and categorized as a blue trail.

Montenegrin manufacturer of custom made wooden toys seeks partners under commercial agency or distribution service agreement

25.01.2021Published 238 days ago
Family owned company from Montenegro besides trade of toys, is a producer of custom made wooden children toys and souvenirs made from EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) foam. Wooden children toys are part of the branded collection consisted of personalized locomotive and wagons and decorative boxes for train displays. Toys are produced from quality wood as well as water based varnishes completely safe for humans. Toys can be personalized according to the need of a client – printed or engraved with inscriptions or with special characters.

Montenegrin company producing different types of saw blades is looking for distributors

26.11.2020Published 298 days ago
A Montenegrin company was founded in 1987. With many years of experience in field of production of saws blades the company has built its industrial capacity. The company is engaged in the production of high quality, different types of tools for wood: saws (Plain Saw Blades, Widia Circular Saw Blades, Slitting Saw Blades), planer knives and cutter heads. Main characteristics of their wood band saw steel are: a.. High wear resistance b.. High fatigue strength c.. Good elasticity d.. Accurate flatness e..

Montenegro company offers distribution of art materials

01.10.2020Published 355 days ago
The Montenegrin company, established in 2010, is acting as agent specialised in the sale of arts material and equipment. The current market is national.

A Montenegrin company specialized in steel casting is looking for distributors.

10.03.2020Published 559 days ago
The Montenegrin company is founded in 1992 and deals with manufactures steel castings for the purposes of various industries. The production program includes around 700 types of different steel castings (carbon and structural, stainless steel - water resistant, heat resistant, austenitic manganese steels, tool steels to work in cold and warm conditions, tool steels). The company possesses two open induction furnaces with the capacity of 280 and 500 kg/batch as well as furnace for heat treatment of castings with capacity of approximately 600 kg of castings/batch.

Montenegrin recruitment and consultancy company offers its services to recruitment agencies from EU under commercial agency agreements.

24.02.2020Published 574 days ago
This Montenegrin company was established in 2012. It handles the entire process of recruiting: advertising; short-listing and face-to-face interviews of the candidates; reference checking; document handling and insurance support. The exact activities of the company are employment, permanent employment, recruitment and selection, adult education, other human resources activities. The company can recruit staff in various fields, such as: hospitality, healthcare, legal sector, construction, trades, IT, and in other fields. The company has a good experience in working with United Arab Emirates

A Montenegrin business consulting company is looking for joint venture partners

21.11.2019Published 669 days ago
A Montenegrin company offers a complete professional service, from identification opportunity to implementation of business activities. Company’s focus is based on group of five main services: -Investment management; -Project implementation; -Promotion, -Process organization and representing; -Market research. As a small team of dedicated professionals operating in Montenegro, they deliver valuable services to all of their clients worldwide. Their capabilities include project-based development with all types of companies, organizations and public sector.